Obliterate - Impending Death

If this is the first time you are hearing the name Obliterate, consider this your official warning: next to Despised Icon, these guys are some of the most brutal and downright heavy deathcore acts to come out of Canada. While that is certainly a bold statement to make, Obliterate have the proof to back it up in the form of their new album "Impending Death" that dropped on Unique Leader Records last month. I've been keeping a close eye on these dudes for quite some time now: I couldn't wait to get my hands on the new album, and I have to say that it was well worth the wait. Impending Death is the bands second full length record, featuring seven brand new tracks and "I, Cerebus" which was a single from a few years ago which I'm happy found a home on the new offering from the band. Obliterate are bringing the heavy on Impending Death, and there's sure to be a trail of death left in their path.

Obliterate waste no time with the album, throwing the title track at you right at the very start of the album: Impending Death. Its slow and eerie, quiet-but-building intro leads right into some bouncy chugging guitars and drums which ultimately introduce the vocals. The chaos begins to unfold quickly as the band pieces together some fast as fuck drumming, melodic-yet-deadly guitar solos and the demonic vocal style the band possess. Fans of the deathcore genre will certainly fall in love rather quickly with the bands sound that feels very reminiscent of an updated version of Rose Funeral or even Suffokate. The band excellently blends beauty over brutality as the underlying guitars deliver sick tones and riffs as breakdowns continue to pound away at your ear drums. Look no further than "Aneurysm" for proof; one of my favorite tracks off the album, its got fast and relentless parts paired beautifully with absolutely demonizing brutality. The breakdown at the end is enough to truly bring truth to my words as it's just sick, sick, sick. "I, Cerebus" was included on this album - and even though it was released about three years ago as a single, it has brought plenty of attention to the Quebec-based band, gaining 700k+ views on YouTube. It is more than welcomed to be a part of the "Impending Death" release by fans as it has become a fan favorite as well as being one of the bands most goddamn brutal tracks in their history. Its bouncy, headbanger guitar intro is a great intro to the insane blast beats and vocals that I'm pretty sure come from Satan himself. All of the band members must get quite the workout playing through this one as the guitars jump from chugging to that awesome melodic solos to heavy as fuck breakdowns (the last one, by the way, is one of the heaviest breakdowns we've got on a release this year so far, so if you've made it this far into the review and haven't checked it out yet, please go do so). "Numbers" may have a peaceful and calming intro, but don't mistake that for weakness: the brutality continues as the metal jumps back in with the vocalist screaming "We are numbers!" at you. The fast-paced, death metal track is pure hearing canal punishment with just insanity throughout. The crazy riffage and filth continues over the tracks that follow: "In Devil's Care," "Death Notice" and "Reconquered." While the pace and sound varies from song to song throughout Impending Death, you'll notice the vocals pretty much stay in the same range all throughout, and that's a-oh-fucking-kay with us. The vocals are demonic as fuck sounding, and he sounds perfectly fine right where he's at. Pairing his vocals alongside Adam Warren of Oceano's on ""Reconquered" as well as Jamie Hanks of I Declare War on "In Devil's Care" were to matches made in Hell: its an obvious sign of Obliterate paying homage to two of the genres most notorious bands/vocalists as well as a treat for fans to have three mental vocalists together on one album. Great call on Obliterate's part to bring these dudes in: the vocal styles of both Warren and Hanks fit perfectly with the sound on Impending Death and really adds that extra "oh shit" to the album.

Obliterate did something so many bands are concerned with not doing, and that is embracing the classic styles and sounds of deathcore that we all fell in love with and making them fresh again. Obliterate clearly love to still bring the heavy, mosh-inducing, violent tones so many of us still fuck with, and they did it in a way that that isn't all overdone and overproduced breakdowns. Impending Death truly is a treat for fans of extreme metal, and if you're passing on this record without even listening to it once, you're fucking up. These guys have the potential to be the next big face in this scene, and I can only hope Impending Death gets this band to the level that they deserve to be at.

Check out the video for the title track off "Impending Death" below, and if you dig what you hear be sure to check out the band on Facebook or hit their merch store!