Writhe - Guide Us To Our Graves

Hailing from the heart of Minneapolis, Minnesota come WRITHE - blackened deathcore not for the faint-hearted. The band just released their brand new, debut EP "Guide Us To Our Graves" on all your favorite music streaming services, and boy is it one hell of a monster these dudes have created. The six-track album is their entry into the beloved dark and brutal blackened deathcore arena, and I gotta give it to 'em, they crushed it with their first release. I've been following these guys patiently awaiting this release and it has not only met my expectations but really raised the bar in terms of quality writing and overall sound. Writhe have this dominating and damning tone to their songs that fucking crush track after track. Their crushing sound and sheer brutality will be evident very quickly as the jam picks up and the deathcore sound shows its self. The vocals are the way we love 'em - vile and filthy; they even sound a slammy at times. The guitars all sound super clean and Writhe definitely put attention to details with this album as the quality of everything is top-notch and just sounds fantastic overall. The guitars scream along as the vocals continue to pound you into dust - but make sure you also pay close attention to the drums because there's definitely a lot of sick blast beats and talent there.

"Achromatic Gloom" may be my favorite song off the EP - it starts off literally feeling gloomy until it builds into this groovy, chuggy sound which I fucking love but wait until you get to the last minute of the song: there's this underlying trance-like sound that plays beneath the breakdown that feels like something you would hear off "Gravebloom" by The Acacia Strain and it fucking rules. I could definitely throw this song (or the whole album, honestly) on repeat and not get a sick of it for a good while. "Their Blood Became The Sea" has got to be my other favorite track off "Guide Us To Our Graves" and it won't take you long into your first listen to figure out why: it's arguably the heaviest and darkest-feeling songs off the EP, and playing this song through a good sound system will leave you speechless, it's an instant classic showcase of brutality. Honestly, though, all of Guide Us To Our Graves is worth your time, money, and attention as the hard work and well thought-out writing definitely shows throughout this release. If you fuck with heavy guitars, sickening vocals, and mind-blistering, thunderous drums - you'll want to give Writhe your time. Writhe certainly aren't your everyday, run-of-the-mill deathcore band, and their blackened elements really help add to the overall dread-tone that really packs that extra awesome into Guide Us To Our Graves.

In their own words, the band divulge deeper into the story of Guide Us To Our Graves: "The album tells the story of grief, loss, torture and hopelessness through the eyes of a wandering lone cultist left alive as punishment by a dark and deceitful entity. The E.P. follows chronologically and begins with a glimmer of hope, calling forth a powerful demon to help save the earth from spiraling into destruction caused by the recklessness and arrogance of man. The demon tricks them into believing it will aid them in their desperate plight to save humanity. With one fell swoop all of humanity is destroyed and purified by the malicious entity. The lone cultist is left to his own thoughts and devices while he wanders, immortal and tortured. It is a nihilistic tale of punishment for the frailty and insignificance of man."

Writhe hooked it up and made the entire EP available for free, so check out the stream below to hear Guide Us To Our Graves in full and if you dig what you hear, be sure to check out the band on Facebook or grab a copy of the album here!