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Hate Diplomacy - Rant

The very long-awaited and much-anticipated debut full length by New York City's HATE DIPLOMACY finally dropped this past week - "Rant" is an unstoppable force of this intense blend of hardcore and brutal death metal. Fronted by Don Campan of the legendary Waking The Cadaver, Hate Diplomacy have already established a name for themselves in the scene even before releasing their new album, and the world was not prepared for the devastating ten-track album we were finally blessed with. It's heavy, ferocious, and most definitely in-your-face relentless, and it definitely just put the band on the map for some disgustingly heavy shit; but I'd expect nothing less from a band made up with members of other local-legends Necropia and Eye of the Destroyer. The instrumentals hit hard as fuck and the vocals spew nothing but brutal truth: there's definitely no sugar-coating anything on Rant, and the combination of it all makes for one fresh, honest, and downright vile-sounding record I think any fan of extreme metal should be able to both appreciate and love.

"The Beheading of Kings" is a dope lead-in to the record, where you'll get your first taste of the bone-crushing beatdown Hate Diplomacy have in store for you. "Believe In Yourself" kicks off right after, and wastes no time getting directly into your fucking face as the band unleash the monster that they've been brewing for the past two years since their original demo dropped. Expect blast beats, head-bangin' riffage and heavy heavy heavy. It won't take long for you to hear the very defined combination of brutal death metal and hardcore elements that the band use to create their massive sound. Those drums just absolutely blast you to fucking pieces; one second its gnarly blast beats and moments later, a slowed-down breakdown that will melt your fucking brains out your ears. The following three tracks - "Concrete Arteries," "Gastrointestinal Torment" and "It's The Facts"- were all teased to listeners prior to the albums release, and the overall reception to the tracks are positive: people fucking love the sheer brutality, the chaotic changes from slammy-riffs to hardcore breakdowns. Add Campan's gruesome death growls (especially see It's The Facts, holy shit) often seen previously in Waking The Cadaver and this album was destined to be one of the heaviest we've seen this year, and it's a perfect way to close out the first half of 2018. The madness doesn't end there as the album still houses three more new tracks in addition to the two tracks that helped make Hate Diplomacy a known name these past two years: "The Arrival" and "Don't Join 'Em, Beat 'Em" from the bands 2016 demo. There's no doubt that the band set out to make a very real, very honest record and each members backgrounds in these sick genres helped to craft a just straight up violent sounding, punishing record. "Fed Up" has to be one of the craziest heavy songs I've heard in a long ass time: the last minute or so of the song literally gives me chills down my spine that makes me want to bash someones fucking skull in, it's awesome.

Honestly, there's a whole lot to love on "Rant" and it's got to be one of the most punishing and vile sounding records to come out recently. The second half of the album is just a non-stop blood bath of brutal fucking death metal and I can't get enough. Campan made a name for himself years ago and with Rant, this dude most definitely upholds the notorious status he holds in this community. The dudes blasting away behind Campan only enhance the insanity that is held on Rant. This is definitely one record you're going to want to hear from beginning to end, and again and again. The band played in Soulless Cult's backyard of Brooklyn on Saturday and I couldn't make it, and I'm dreading the fact I had to miss it because these tracks have to sound so insane live, I could only imagine. Regardless, heed this warning: pick up a copy of "Rant" and blast the everloving fucking shit out of it - you'll thank me later.

Check out the track "Concrete Arteries" off RANT at the video below, brought to you by the homie SLAM WORLDWIDE! And if you like what you hear, be sure to check out the band on Facebook, as well as their Bandcamp and website!


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