Filth - The Burden of Isolation

North Carolina's best kept secret might just be FILTH - the five piece downtempo deathcore band whose previous two EPs have helped build a wicked following and love for their own brand of heavy. All of their hard work over the past few years between writing and touring has finally led up to this: the band's brand new nine-track full length record The Burden of Isolation; and it's all we could have hoped for from these guys, and more. The Burden of Isolation packs one hell of a punch as Filth refuse to let up on their fine-tuned art of brutal fucking music. Fans of the band have been patiently awaiting this release and as far as I'm concerned, these guys put out something special that's going to stand out from a lot of the other music like it in 2018.

"Seventh Seal" has this sick, building intro that doesn't waste much time before slamming your ear drums right into it; from their slow, commanding breakdowns to some of the most grimy and flat-out devastating vocals, songs like this one leave you ready to tear down the goddamn walls. What you'll find throughout this album (and their previous releases as well) is that the sheer brutality shown in their music doesn't feel forced - in other words, it doesn't feel like they tried to just write the heaviest shit for the sake of writing heavy shit. The band knows when to bring out the notoriously heavy parts that they've become known for, and when to back off of it so it doesn't all sound like one giant song. They've really managed to figure that out over the years, and it's definitely noticeable on the new album. A perfect example would be on "Hedonist" when the vocals switch to something very reminiscent of Korn before launching you back into a chaotic breakdown that will make you want to hurt someone. "Collapse III" has this really sick, mellow beginning followed by an equally mellow set of breakdowns and guttural-style vocals that I just can't get enough of. As the vocals switch back and forth between this haunting reserved yell and this demonic sound that sounds like a cross between Infant Annihilator and The Last Ten Seconds of Life (if that last line doesn't get you to listen to this album, I don't know what will), the beatdown continues just adding to the intensity and build-up and it's sick. "Deprivation" has become one of my favorites off The Burden of Isolation - it's super low, bassy instrumentals and unique vocal style really makes this one stand out; and if the notes that ring out in the background don't shake you to your very core, you're not listening close enough. Throw in just a hint more of that Jonathan Davis-sounding vocals and damn... this ones a good one, haha. Honestly though, even after listening over and over again since its release, there's definitely nothing negative about this album to say. Downtempo-style bands can sometimes get stale-feeling or boring at times but you'll find neither of those feelings on The Burden of Isolation; minute by minute the band deliver slight or sudden turns that will keep your attention throughout the album. There's a lot going on under the surface of these songs and I can only hope listeners are giving it a few listens to catch all the dopeness Filth have included in this. Tracks like "Mirrors" and the closer "Misery Loves Company" are just packed full of good ol' fucking heavy mixed with brief moments that shake it up a bit and will leave you intrigued, I promise. Even down to the "Interlude" has the band jammed so much goodness that this album deserves so much attention. Another great "must listen" rating from ya boys at Soulless Cult.

Check out the music video for "Mirrors" off The Burden of Isolation at the video below, and if you dig what you hear be sure to check out the band on Facebook, Bandcamp, their merch store or their upcoming headlining tour alongside Vctms and Reign!