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Hollow Prophet/Scumfuck - Scumprophet

SCUMPROPHET is the epic, god-tier split ep that dropped earlier this month from two side projects that nobody knew we needed until now. Hollow Prophet (comprised of vocalist Ben Duerr of Shadow of Intent, guitarist/bassist Jack Simmons of Acrania & Slaughter To Prevail and drummer Luka Vezzosi of Within Destruction) teamed up with the massive force that is Scumfuck (which sees Dickie Allen of Infant Annihilator on vocals and Andrew Zink of Brojob and Into Infernus on the instrumentals) to deliver one massive, relentless gift to the deathcore and death metal worlds. Scumprophet is a cleverly titled five song EP brought about by two of the scene's all around sickest and damning side projects. Hollow Prophet - who released their own four track EP "Hellhole" back in November of last year - conjured up the first two tracks "Carnage Amidst Carnality" and "Voracious Human Grubs" while Scumfuck slammed together the follow two tracks "Sewage" and "Goblin" for their half of the split. And in a previous unheard of, bringing together of the deathcore legends, the projects joined together to summon a beast straight from the bowels of hell its self: the final track on the album "Scumprophet." Fans of the bands knew this project was going to be of seismic proportions when it was first announced, but nobody could have imagined what the fuck these guys had in store for listeners with the release of the tag-team track "Scumprophet." But before we get ahead of ours selves...

Much like their "Hellhole" EP, Hollow Prophet waste not a fucking second before throwing you right into their punishing sound as the chaos unfolds the second you press play on "Carnage Amidst Carnality." Immediately, you are blasted with Duerr's insane screams, meaty blasting guitars and punishing drums. As Duerr continues to summon the demons from beneath, the instrumentals continue to build into a burst of fast guitar anarchy. There's a really sick melodic guitar that plays out beneath the growls and blast beats you definitely don't want to miss. And it all builds into a bouncy, creative breakdown-ish bit at the end that will surely get crowds moving, if this ever gets the chance to get played live. It's four minutes of straight up sickness and these dudes fucking brought it for the kick-off track to "Scumprophet." An absolute banger and an instant favorite right off the bat. But it doesn't let up with the end of the track - don't forget, Hollow Prophet follow up this song with "Voracious Human Grubs" which has a heavy death-metal feel to it, and Duerr delivers insane slam-like vocals that are just unreal (side note, if you don't think Duerr is one of the scene's most underrated vocalists, you're out of your fucking mind). Meanwhile, those guitars continue to blare, with some pretty sweet melodies and a totally gnarly solo by Simmons that will definitely blow you away for a second towards the back end of the song. Vezzosi brings the wild, untamed drums he's become known for with Within Destruction with him and absolutely slays the percussion section of this song. If you dug "Hellhole" for even a second, don't pass up the bands tracks on this split because it takes their absurd, heavy sound and (somehow) amplifies it by a hundred to deliver a sound many shoot for, but few actually reach.

The madness does not even there - Scumfuck follow-up Hollow Prophet's beastly tracks with their own fucking mental tracks and Dickie Allen absolutely makes sure to deliver his unique, admired, signature style vocals he's become absolutely legendary for in the scene, while his instrumentalist Andrew Zink pushes out some of the craziest death metal to touch our ears in this year yet. They begin their gift to the masses with "Sewage," an appropriately named song for the massive, melodic crushing filth the song is; it's got this eerie, church-orchestra style backing while Dickie's absurdly demonic vocals belt out over it. Honestly, this is one of my top ten tracks of the entire year, and I say that without any hesitation; it's this crazy deathcore/slam blend and when you throw in those melodic church-style sounds over it, it makes for one insane atmospheric ride to hell. I've been a fan of this genre for a long, long time and have never stumbled upon a track that, upon my first hearing it, literally made me feel the way this one did. They did an outstanding job of setting a tone with this, and it blew me the fuck away instantly. Zink and Allen definitely work well together - as we've seen from the track "Reaper" they released under the Scumfuck name back in October of last year - so there wasn't any doubt that they were going to deliver on Scumprophet. "Goblin" keeps up that fast yet atmospheric death metal blend, with plenty of slams and breakdowns to keep you entertained from the first second until the last. While the orchestral parts are a little less up front than they are in "Sewage," they are most definitely prevalent and fit just as fucking well as they do on "Sewage." Throw in some absurd blast beats and you've got the making for a sound so unique from everyone else, there's no way nobody in their right mind could not fuck with this. It's a fresh take on deathcore that is just as crazy as everything else these two guys have put their hands on in the past. If these two songs don't get you going, then you probably don't have a fucking pulse.

And finally, this leads us to the crossover track that has now set the bar so high, it would be insane for anybody else to even try to top: Scumprophet, the title track off the split ep which features both Scumfuck and Hollow Prophet on the same track. It's hard to even bring this track to words, because it's a mashup that unless you know what each member sounds like individually, then you won't appreciate it as much as you should; which is why this split is gold, you get a hint of the Hollow Prophet dudes and a hint of the Scumfuck dudes before you get thrown into this massive meeting of the beasts for an overall mental track. It's heavy, it's fast, it's punishing, it's dark and to sum it all up in just two words: it's brutal. Oh, and it's got the heaviest breakdown on the entire album as both vocalists pull their meanest fucking growls. You know what, let me shut the fuck up and just listen to the song for yourself:

To put it bluntly, this EP was definitely a gift to the fans of the dudes who make up these beloved side projects. What's great about it is each of the band members come from various points on the death metal spectrum: from Within Destruction to Infant Annihilator, and Shadow from Intent to Acrania and Brojob, these talented guys are all over the place and their obvious love for putting out just brutal fucking music brought about this beast we now have called "Scumprophet." I can't put to words enough about how crazy and underrated all these musicians and their projects are, so do yourself a favor and check out this ep, as well as the projects involved - if you're a dedicated Soulless Cult fan, there's surely going to be something in there for you to find and love.

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