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Chamber of Malice - Da Trve Slam

Germany's notorious four piece Chamber of Malice have reunited to deliver another offering from their camp of filthy, sludgy blend of deathcore, hardcore, and good ol' slam. "Da Trve Slam" came to us early last month, and its seven songs of pure crime city grime that fans of gnarly heavy beatdown will surely appreciate. The album gets recklessly heavy at points - which is a constant reminder that during their brief hiatus, Chamber of Malice didn't lose their appreciation or talent of downright vile slam, and we love them for it. While the title of the album may throw listeners off and lead them to believe this is a joke band or not the real deal, I can assure you - "Da Trve Slam" goes harder than it may appear.

The two and a half minute intro appropriately named "Intro" is an awesome, intense little diddy with some pretty wildin' guitars and chilled out breakdowns just before the hardcore-inspired vocals come kicking in. They crush insanely hard before a really wicked CoM call-out kicks in, followed by straight up murder music. Unfortunately, I've never been lucky enough to catch Chamber of Malice live, but I can guarantee if even the fucking Intro gets played, people are getting hurt, no doubt about that. Its a brilliant way to set a tone and a bar for the insanity to follow it up - the first of which is "Extermination." Extermination definitely picks up the pace a bit, but keeps up with the heavy theme of the EP, and this is where you'll get your first delivery of slammy vocals thrown into the mix. The gruesome gutturals over wicked breakdowns is just heavenly - proof that Chamber of Malice knows what their fans want from them, following up their brutal EPs "Crime City Slam" and even "Zero Twenty Eight Hate" from 2014. Everything gets low on this track, and throughout the whole album: the vocals, the guitars, and even the goddamn drums sound more booming and dangerous than other albums we've been hearing lately. For further proof, check out "Undisputed," which kicks off with the cock of a gun before launching you into pure breakdown abyss. The track feels a bit more death-metally than the majority of the album, at least until the mind blowing violent breakdown you get about halfway through. It's the perfect call to a very bloody mosh if played in the right city.

"Vengeance" has a perfectly placed hip-hop intro, which no doubt pays homage to their bands appreciation for the genre, and it all leads into one of my favorite songs to pass my radar this year. Soulless readers know I love it as slammy and as vile as it comes, and the lows on this track do more than deliver with the guest spot by the vocalist of Virginia-based beatdown band Stone Cold Stunner. If you're not banging your fucking head to this track, you either don't have a pulse in your wrist or you're fucking with the wrong music my friend. Chamber of Malice brought along more friends on this EP in the presence of Short Fuse 59 on "Retribution" and Deathsquad on "Inferno" - two guest spots that truly complete the songs they're on. Admittedly, prior to "Da Trve Slam" I've never heard of either of the three bands who did guest spots on the album, but goddamn am I well aware now. The fresh talent CoM bring along further shows how fucking real these dudes are; instead of throwing down crazy money to get "rockstar status" vocalists to appear on their tracks, they brought in friends and people they know would crush their fucking parts, and props has to go to CoM for who they chose because its serious chaos all throughout the album. From the sick, violent chugging to the fuck-you, in-your-face vocal style they deliver, Chamber of Malice returned to the scene with what I'd consider their hardest hitting and best record to date. Even though this has only been out for less than two months, I fiend for more; hopefully this marks a fresh start for future Chamber of Malice releases and tours. If you're looking for quality, mosh-heavy breakdowns, look no further than "Da Trve Slam" this year as this thing demolishes a lot of what's come across my lap this summer. Fuck with it.

You can stream the entire "Da Trve Slam" ep by Chamber of Malice through the video below, provided by the legend Slam Worldwide. If you dig what you hear, be sure to check out CoM on Facebook, Bandcamp, and their webstore!


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