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Horror Club: WolfCop

Without exaggerating in the slightest, all I've ever heard for the past few years was "you have to see WolfCop!" and "you're gonna love WolfCop!" from numerous horror lovers. Any there's no real reason it took me this long to watch it besides I just never got the chance to sit down and watch it... but let me tell you, if you're reading this and you haven't yet seen WolfCop, maybe stop reading this and considering watching it now. Like, right now. Seriously - make time in your day your day, today, to watch WolfCop. If you love movies that don't take themselves too seriously filled with awesome comedy yet still maintaining that sick level of gore, kills and thrills that us horror lovers tend to fiend over, WolfCop is going to be right up your alley, without a doubt. It's witty, the story is basic yet brilliant, and the WolfCop character is now one of my favorites ever.

WolfCop is now over four years old - released back in 2014, it was directed by filmmaker Lowell Dean and stars actor Leo Fafard as Sergeant Lou Garou who ultimately ends up transforming into the beloved WolfCop character this little story revolves around. You see, Lou is an alcoholic cop from a small town called Woodhaven, where he sleeps late or could be found at a local bar drinking the day away. After investigating a call about occult activity out in the woods, he finds himself bearing witness to a sacrifice by the occultists and wakes up the next morning not knowing how he got there. Oh, and he's got a gnarly pentagram carved into his stomach - that's always a definite sign of an awesome night, right?! After noticing his senses have seem to heightened overnight, he heads to the local bar where he has his usual drinks until two robbers break into the bar and attack him. And without hesitation, the fucking sick transformation begins as his skin shreds and he becomes the mighty WolfCop, totally here to ruin the day of the criminals. The transformation scene is absolutely mind blowing - easily one of the best visuals in any werewolf film since the classic American Werewolf in London. From here on out in the film, Lou begins to embrace his new heightened skill set and powerful new persona as WolfCop, where he has his mind set to help stop the corruption and wrongdoings of some local politicians and their fucked up annual drunk hunt festival - but you're going to have to watch the full movie to find out where this incredible ride takes you from there!

Werewolf films have always held a very special place in my darkened heart, and it's been a while since I've seen a really great one that blew me away. I knew WolfCop was going to change that as soon as that transformation scene hit; it's gruesome, violent, and powerful. The team behind the film certainly didn't hold back and clearly are fans of the genre, knowing what it is exactly that makes those types of films fan favorites. It combines comedy, a werewolf, a drunkard, occultists, changelings, a sick ride, and true crime - an excellent crafted blend to create a great, lighthearted horror flick. If the WolfCop character alone doesn't pull at your heartstrings, that sucks because he's quickly become one of my favorite characters I've seen in such a long time. The townsfolk are not who they seem, and it is up to WolfCop and his unique sidekicks to piece together just what the fuck is going on in Woodhaven. The film certainly pays homage to some of the great horror classics of the '80s that we have all come to love, and it honestly feels like this film would fit in perfectly alongside the big names of the '80s films. But what's really great about WolfCop is, like I said, it doesn't take its self too seriously - there are certainly silly and plenty of comedic elements throughout the entire film. But, that doesn't mean you can write this off as your typical horror-comedy: WolfCop bridges the gap between fun/silly and serious/badass. When shit goes on, WolfCop's tone totally changes to become the more serious cop movie you probably wouldn't expect, to be honest. it's brilliantly done, and it's such a fucking shame it took me four years to finally sit down and give this a watch. The story line is a fun, involved one that definitely leads you down some paths you probably weren't expecting but that totally add that extra little awesome to the film. Throw in the gnarly look of WolfCop himself and you're got all the ingredients to an instant classic in the horror genre.

If you haven't figured it out by now, WolfCop ranks super high in my list of films I've seen this year, and honestly, it's a must-see - I definitely can't convey that enough. And hopefully lucky for us, there's already a sequel out entitled Another WolfCop - definitely expect to see that name pop up on Soulless Cult shortly, I can't wait to plop my ass in front of my television and see what that's all about!


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