A Soulless Halloween, Part 2

Do you feel that, too? The slightly cool, autumn breeze that quietly and gently passes over your body; a most gentle reminder that it is the end of October and Halloween has finally arrived. If you are anything like me - and I believe you are, if you're reading this - this time of the year is more than just a holiday, this is something that dwells deep within you. It's there through the coldest of winter months and the warmest of summers. It's there when you're working to pay the bills and when you're at home with family. It's an endless, helpless love affair with everything strange and unusual, bizarre and macabre. Halloween, for us, isn't just a time for dress up and overdosing on sugar; it's the feeling you get that you can't really explain to people who just don't get it. It's the appreciation of things that go bump in the night yet keep you up when you should be asleep. And while we may celebrate year-round like many of you, for the rest of the masses, October 31st is the day it's been decided to let our inner demons come out and play, and be the thing that goes bump in the night. Halloween is here.

My brother and I as Simba and Genie on Halloween

I knew early on in my life that Halloween was a living, breathing part of me like it is for so many of you. And while I had an amazing childhood growing up filled with lots of love, adventures and imagination, it's my memories of Halloween that always stand out the most in the back of my mind. From the parties and costumes, to the candy and movies, to just roaming around with my two brothers and our friends to houses we've never even considered we might be knocking on: all of these memories feel like they are so fresh, like just weeks ago we were dressing up and running havoc on the neighborhood. I will forever cherish everything these memories of Halloween encompass, and as a now twenty-eight year old dude, I'm now appreciating the unexplainable connection I emotionally and even physically feel when this time of the year rolls around. While I love basking in the summer sun and watching the sun set on a warm beach, autumn has captured my heart since the moment I was old enough to appreciate it.

As the night falls upon you - where ever you are tonight - I'd like to invite you to dig up those memories of Halloween past and reflect on what this day means to you, as it's so different for so many of us. Tonight, open yourself up to the realm of the dead and fully embrace your emotional and spiritual connection to the autumn wind, that cool breeze. For it won't be long until Halloween night is over and the land returns to mounds of snow. Halloween - and fall in general - is the most perfect time of the year to allow your true self to show as the veil that separates the land of the living with that of the dead is lifted.

If you'd like to share some of your Halloween memories, costumes, or whatever else, I'd love nothing more than to read, see, and share your helpless love of autumn with our community. Feel free to get a hold of me on social media @SoullessCult or through our contact page.

As always, I'd like to say that I'm eternally grateful for every single person who has made Soulless Cult what it is today. From those who read our website, follow/like/share our content on social media, and purchase our merchandise from our shops - you guys are the driving force behind this project and what makes it all worth it for me. I've never given a fuck about how many likes or follows we get, because at the end of the day none of that shit matters in the slightest; what matters is we have a great time watching amazing (and sometimes terrible) horror movies, listening to the sickest new death metal hitting the scene and discovering artists who capture what it is we're feeling and thinking inside. Soulless Cult is more than just any old blog, it's almost become therapy for me in a weird way. I can't thank you all enough for all that you do to show your appreciation for our community.

Yours in death,

Bobby Cvlt

Cult Leader