Show Review: Evisceratour 2018

Living so close to NYC, there's so many amazing tours and shows that pass through our neighborhood on a weekly basis; between Long Island, Brooklyn and Manhattan, bands have plenty of venues to choose from when passing through the Empire State so they often don't skip our scene. So when I caught wind that Manchester's INGESTED were coming through our home and they were bringing some of my favorite bands with 'em, I knew it was a show I just could not allow myself to miss. So this past Saturday, Soulless Cult headed to The Kingsland in Brooklyn to show some love to the UK slam kings along with the crazy sick lineup that includes Enterprise Earth, Bodysnatcher, and I AM. It was definitely a night to remember, one that came and went way too quickly!

I was only able to catch the second half of I AM's set thanks to my Uber driver, but what I did manage to catch was fucking mental. Admittedly, I'm pretty unfamiliar with their music (only hearing a few songs here and there) but what I heard live was powerful and full of crazy riffage. There was a pretty decent crowd already at the venue early to catch I AM's reign over the Kingsland, and the pit definitely went off for the Texas Death dudes. People were definitely feeling their set and it was an epic start to what would be a wild night; I AM and their brand of metal were an excellent choice to get the party started and to get the crowd hyped for the hours to follow, and the crowd was no doubt into it. Sucks I wasn't able to catch the full set but I'm definitely making it a point to put more effort into checking out their material.

Next up was one of my personal favorite bands ever, and after being a fan for a while now I finally got the chance to see them; Florida's BODYSNATCHER took the stage and the only way to describe it was an all out blood bath. If you're familiar with their sound, surely you can imagine just how fucking dirty these guys can get live. They are one of deathcore's best kept secrets in recent years, and I always heard from people that their live show went off. I can't believe just how rowdy this shit got; it was perfect. The band pulled out a fucking wicked set list that included some of the bands finest material: Consequence, Rancid, Show Stopper, Open Wounds, Bone Casket, Stab, Ego Killer, and they closed with the insane Closer to Hell. These guys were super tight the entire time, and vocalist Kyle Medina has solidified a spot in my top 10 live vocalists list (like there was any question to begin with); his lows get fucking FILTHY and the guitars certainly do what they have to do to match the insane delivery their vocalist is pounding out. I was seriously blown away by their live show and I will not be missing any future shows these guys played; they tore The Kingsland to fucking pieces. (They also just dropped a deluxe version of Death of Me, be sure you go check that out!)

Following up Bodysnatcher's violent set was a band who definitely needs no introduction in the heavy scene; ENTERPRISE EARTH took the stage and continued the show with their unique and brutal jams. If you know me, you know I back everything Dan Watson puts his name to, simply because everything he touches is pure gold, and Enterprise Earth is no different. I've been lucky enough to catch these guys numerous times on various tours they've been a part of over the last three or so years, and each time they just get better and better. If you pay attention to their recordings, every detail is meticulously placed and their technical side is present in every track. Well, if you haven't seen them live before, allow me to reassure you that all the details from the recordings are exactly how you'll hear them live; Enterprise Earth don't dumb down their material live in the slightest bit. From Watson's fucking absurdly heavy vocals (easily one of the most underrated vocalists in the history of metal, fight me if you disagree) to their crazy blend of technical death metal and breakdown-filled guitars, backed by their gnarly heavy bass and drum insaneness, Enterprise Earth spare no one during their live show. They always seem to be the hidden gem in every tour package that they do, so I'm stoked that the crowd had such a positive reaction like they always do for these dudes. They busted out a brand new track entitled "He Exists" that is simply unreal, it's some truly next level EE writing and definitely a stage-song; I seriously cannot wait to hear a recording of this in hopes the heavy sound it had live translates to a recording. The rest of their set was pure gold too, which included classic Enterprise tracks like Porcelain Whore, Temptress, Mortem Incarnatum, Only Hell Will Embrace The Damned, Masquerade of Angels, Deathwind, and Shallow Breath. Don't miss this.

And with that, it was time for the absolute legends in INGESTED to tear whatever was left of the Brooklyn venue to fucking pieces. Ingested have got to be some of the most fun dudes in death metal: they break the "serious" mold a lot of bands have and know how to have a good fuckin' time. They don't take themselves too seriously and clearly have fun with their music and with the crowd. From the very first minute of their set, Ingested delivered hard-hitting, wig-splitting slamming death metal to the masses and it was pure perfection. They released a new album a few months ago entitled "The Level Above Human" (check out our review of that bad boy right here) so their set was a fine-tuned mix of classic, fan-favorite Ingested tracks and bangers from the new, already-loved album. These dudes had the crowd going, laughing, and pitting song after song; when a band gives off fun energy the way Ingested does, the show is destined to be a good ass time, and the crowd clearly had just as much fun as the band did. Their absolutely insane set included Sovereign, Invidious, Purveyors Of Truth, The Divine Right Of Kings, Narcissistic Apathy, Copremesis, Last Rites, Better Off Dead, and of course, the band finished off the night with Skinned And Fucked. If you're a fan of Ingested, you know these dudes pulled out their best songs for this tour, and holy hell does it translate so damn well live. If you came out to the show only to see Ingested, you definitely got your moneys worth just for the show that they put on, let along the rest of this amazing tour package. Allow me to put it this way, if at any point during the show the security guards in the venue start throwing down, that's how you know the show is going off well. It felt like nobody in the room was standing still throughout the night, as this tour definitely had a little something for everyone. Overall, it was a crazy, fun-filled night with some truly great sets by some truly underrated artists, and it was an awesome show to be a part of. The tour only has about two weeks left to go, but if it's coming to your city at any point in the next two weeks, make damn sure you get out to the venue and support this tour and these bands, its a wild night you won't forget any time soon, without a doubt.