Curbstomp the Predator - The Father

Curbstomp the Predator has been making waves in the internet metal community over the last year or so with the release of singles that were to be released as part of a full length album. Fans who have been losing their minds over the sickness that is Curbstomp were finally treated to the full length we've been teased about - entitled "The Father" - and without hesitation, I can already tell you that not only was it worth the wait to finally hear this, but it is well worth your time, money, and ear. "The Father" is an absolutely crushing eleven track compilation of some of filthy slamming deathcore, and what makes it even better is the fact that it was all comprised by one man: Joshua Croslin, who wrote, performed, and mixed/mastered the album himself. Projects like these are always overwhelmingly good simply because the one man band mindset usually allows the composer the freedom to express themselves completely and unadulterated, which is the case for Croslin and his Curbstomp the Predator project. His brand new album has a message conveyed through the concept album, in which he shares the true story about his life and what he's been through in regards to discovering his own father and how he was conceived through rape. And so his message is clear: sexual predators are among us in our communities, and its time to finally put an end to the horrendous sexual abuse that has been plaguing our world. If that's not a fucking message to get behind, then I don't know what is. And as if that wasn't enough, the music Croslin has put together to share his story is absolute insanity. If you fuck with deathcore and breakdowns, you're gonna wanna fuck with Curbstomp the Predator.

"The Father" is filled with track after track of angry, emotion-driven, violent death metal that fits ever-so-perfectly with the message behind it. And that message is made perfectly clear in the first thirty seconds of the album, when you are hit with a clip from "A Time To Kill" in which the beloved Samuel L Jackson says it beautifully: "Yes, they deserved to die and I hope they burn in hell!" And with that, you are thrown right into the first wicked breakdown of the album as you are led into "The Birth," a sick track filled with punishing blast beats, crushing guitars and heavy as fuck vocals. Like I mentioned earlier, if you like breakdowns even half as much as we do, you'll find yourself in a heavenly state of awe as you progress through "The Father" - it's filled with some definite head-banging/crowd-killing inducing heaviness you're ears are begging to hear. You'll find some really sick guitar work that's not just breakdowns throughout the album too, like in the title track and "The Abduction" - two tracks that have some truly wild riffage that just add to the overall heaviness to it. The guitars almost feel like they are weeping as you begin to lose your mind in the final minute of "The Abduction," it's a really weird and unique feeling I continuously get whenever I play the song. The album progressively gets better and better and heavier and heavier as the story unfolds and the intensity brews; hence, why this is one album you'll definitely want to listen to in order in one sitting before you start jumping between tracks. While there is tons and tons of incredible talent spread across the entire album, it's definitely worth noting just how underrated Croslin is as a vocalist, since he belts out some truly emotional-yet-fucking devastating, monsterous vocal styles (perfect example would be "The Hatred," holy shit do you feel it throughout that song). Throw in the demanding guitar tones and pulverizing drums and "The Father" was destined to be just an overall A+ record that was well worth waiting for. I cannot stress enough just how dope this project turned out to be, and nothing but love has to go to Curbstomp the Predator's mastermind Joshua Croslin for pumping out one hell of a fucking animal. I cannot recommend this album enough to anybody who's a fan of deathcore classics; this one will rock your shit.

Check out "The Father" in its entirety in the video below, and if you like what you hear definitely check out Curbstomp the Predator on Facebook and Bandcamp!