Kraanium - Slamchosis

It's been a few years since the last full length release from the notorious brutal death metal outfit KRAANIUM - but make no mistake: these guys have been far from quiet. From releasing a fucking damning split with the guys in (one of my personal favorites) Analepsy cleverly entitled "The Kraanialepsy Split" last year to numerous tours and festivals all over the place, Kraanium have been keeping themselves busy in a number of ways, and thankfully one of those ways was in the form of writing and recording their new album "Slamchosis." Released back in October, it's ten tracks of some of the finest Kraanium material to date, and some of the most epic and brutal death metal ever. The sick part about Kraanium is they are a very "what you see if what you get" kind of band, and what I mean by that is that they know brutal death, they support brutal death, they know they are brutal death, and so they play brutal fucking death! You won't find anything on Slamchosis besides insane, putrid, violent brutal death metal - and we wouldn't have it any other way. Slamchosis is a perfect follow-up to 2015's "Chronicles of Perversion" and I think we can all agree it is the perfect ode to the legendary Martin Funderud: we know he'd be proud to hear this release and to see the legacy of this band continuing on! This album goes hard as fuck, so without further ado: SLAMCHOSIS.

The album kicks off with a brilliant clip from the show Mindhunter on opening track "Bound to Kill" which simply states: "It's not easy butchering people; it's hard work, physically and mentally, I don't think people realize... you need to vent." And with that, you're forced right into the bowels of death its self as the band unleashes hell on your ear drums: earth-shattering drums, riffs to melt your face off, and vocals straight from the gutter! It's Kraanium as we know 'em and love 'em, with their chugging guitars set to incite riots and blast beats to kill. If you want true, raw, intense slam, look no further: this is the some of the most real death metal you'll find. This relentless beatdown continues track after track, with songs like "Larva Infested Cum Sluts" and "Face Fucked with a Brick" delivering blow after blow of blast beat goodness and truly filthy vocals from the bands new frontman. He does an excellent job of capturing what Martin brought to the table and offered for Kraanium, as well as putting his own take and vocal style into the mix to create this just insanely intense record (see "Forced Rectal Exhumation" and you'll see exactly what I mean - it's fucking sick). The title track - Slamchosis - is just a fucking brutal display of metal, and if you're not (in the very least!) banging your head to this, you're missing the point. This song has quickly become one of my favorites off the album - while on the shorter side at only a minute and a half, it's absolute slam goodness. Speaking of slam, "Slam Her Guts Out" is surely going to become a fan favorite, with its fast, violent pace and angry as fuck slams (at just about half way through the song, prepare for it!).

Besides the insanely heavy offerings, Kraanium are known for their lyrical content and themes that separate them from so many others in the genre: there's no hiding the violence, torture, sex, sodomy and gore that Kraanium incorporates into their music through lyrics, samples, and even album covers. Kraanium knows their audience and has no desire to fit into the mainstream music scene, so you bet your fucking ass these themes from their past albums return on Slamchosis! Song after song, the lyrics get darker and darker as the tracks get heavier and heavier - and we couldn't be happier with the end result - "Putrescent Indulgence" is not only one of the best Kraanium songs, but it's become an instant daily-listen to for me. Relentlessly heavy and just ridiculously violent. Slamchosis even comes with a 2018 version of "Midget Fucker" - one of the bands most popular tracks from 2008's "Ten Acts of Sickening Perversity" - and holy hell, I can't even put to words how epic this rendition of the track is.

If you somehow haven't caught on yet, Kraanium's "Slamchosis" is a fucking forced to be reckoned with - it's non-stop brutality in the highest degree. Like I said earlier, it's real, intense death metal and honestly, it's unfortunately not going to be everyone's cup of tea unless you really are a fan of heavy. There's no part of Slamchosis that let's up and eases up on the slam, so if you're looking for precious melodies and whiny, clean vocals, look elsewhere: Slamchosis is coming in hard and Kraanium are here to take you're fucking head with them. I cannot recommend this album enough, and I really think people who have been following Soulless Cult for a while will actually appreciate this work of art for the beauty it is: one of 2018's heaviest and hardest records. From a fan's point of view, Slamchosis knocked it right out of the fucking park.

Check out Slamchosis in its entirety over at Slam Worldwide in the video below, and if you dig what you hear please make sure you check out Kraanium on Facebook as well as their merch store and show them some love!