The Best of 2018

It honestly feels like just yesterday I was sitting down, putting together my list of what ruled 2017. Yet here we are, in the final hours of 2018 putting the final touches on what rocked the fuck out of 2018. There has been so much good music this year, and we've seen so many good horror flicks (not too many newly released ones, but whatever) this year that it feels like my all my free time I had this year was well spent listening, watching, reviewing and engaging you guys about what was worth the wait and what didn't make the cut. This years list was definitely way harder to put together this year than last, simply because narrowing my massive lists of favorites down to just five top contenders is fucking insanity. But without wasting any more of your time, here's the real reason you're here in the first place: the very best music and movies of 2018 from your cult leader here at Soulless.



5. Ingested - The Level Above Human (listen)

4. Cabal - Mark of Rot (listen)

3. Mental Cruelty - Purgatorium (listen)

2. Black Tongue - Nadir (listen)

1. Mire Lore - Marrow Leech (listen)

It goes without saying that this was one year was absolutely absurd in terms of new music from every corner of metal; bands of every type of sound pumped out some truly sick music, it was almost overwhelming with how much was released this year! And there's so many albums I haven't even been able to get the time to review yet, but you can expect to see in the upcoming weeks like the new Aborted, Whoretopsy, Defleshed and Gutted, Blade of Horus... you get the idea. So much sickness. It was a close as fuck call this year between Black Tongue and Mire Lore's latest releases, but in the end, Mire Lore just fucking crushed it this year for me with the release of "Marrow Leech." It is easily the best thing Dan Watson has touched in his career (no disrespect to everything else but holy shit is this album perfection) and it just blew me away in every regard; the more I listen to it (even since the release of our review) I fall more and more in love with it. Mire Lore stole the fucking show in 2018 for me.


TOP EPs OF 2018

5. Brand of Sacrifice - The Interstice (listen)

4. Crown Magnetar - The Prophet of Disgust (listen)

3. Traitors - Anger Issues (listen)

2. The Hopewell Furnace - 1877 (listen)

1. Acrania - Tyrannical Hierarchy, Volume 1 (listen)

I always try to throw plenty of EP reviews up on Soulless whenever I can, because while EPs suck in the sense they are only a tease, they also rule because they are a tease! With most bands, they know their space and time is limited so they put in some of the best writing and recording they can possibly deliver; if you've only got space for five tracks, you better fucking make sure all five tracks are bangers if you want the attention of the metal community. This year was dominated by Acrania's return with the release of "Tyrannical Hierarchy, Volume 1" - I think we can all agree these guys are untouchable when it comes to pure, unadulterated filth. It's been the main EP I kept finding myself going back to since its release, and for that reason it's made its way into the top slot this year, with The Hopewell Furnace creeping right up on it. But if you haven't heard anything on this list, drop what the fuck you're doing and check out some dope new music now!



5. Mandy

4. The Nun

3. A Quiet Place

2. Halloween

1. Hereditary

2018 was a pretty great year for horror - we got a handful of gems this year that really shook the genre, making them instant classics in the hearts of horror fans all over. I spent a good amount of time and money on lackluster flicks too that weren't necessarily bad but that weren't exactly good either. Slender Man, The Strangers, Winchester... all big name movies that I definitely didn't hate but that were no where near top list status for the year. Halloween was everything I could have wished for and more - the return of Michael Myers and Laurie Strode was historic and it was done fantastically. And I know die-hard Halloween fans are going to hate on me for this, but at the end of the day, Hereditary fucked me up for DAYS after watching it for the first time. There is so much to process after watching the film; don't even get me started on during the film. I loved every single minute of it and thought it was a fucking masterpiece in film making. There's a handful of movies from this year that I just didn't get the time to see - namely Children of the Corn: Runaway, The First Purge and the new Insidious - but of the films I did see, Hereditary stole the fucking show this year.

What made YOUR top five lists for the year?! I definitely want to hear how your lists compare to mine - get a hold of Soulless Cult on social media and share your lists with me, or what you think of our end of the year list! See you in the New Year!