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Two Years of Soulless

While January 1st marks the beginning of the New Year, it now holds a newer, special meaning to me: today marks the two year anniversary since I launched Soulless Cult out from the abyss and into your browsers. It marks two years of consuming, reviewing, researching, sharing, and communicating with you guys about the best new music and horror films out there in the sometimes over-saturated industries. Soulless Cult is entirely a free-time project, and unfortunately time isn't always on my side when it comes to my offline responsibilities; but even when there's a small lull in activity here at, I always try to find time to continue our conversations on social media - you guys and Soulless have become a tremendous part of my every day. I can't even really remember what I was doing with myself before fully immersing myself in this project. But who fucking cares... we're here now, two years later and stronger than ever, and as fucking cheesy and lame as it sounds, none of this would be possible without your continued support here on the website, social media, and even offline. The love you guys show me goes a long way in motivating me to continue to write, review, and share the good, the bad, and the ugly with you guys. You guys fucking rule, and Soulless Cult would truly be nothing without you all. So thank you, eternally.

With that, I'm so goddamn stoked to announce the release of our newest pin drop to celebrate our two year anniversary... Churchburner, available now from our shop and etsy store! Reduce toxic religions to ash with our new black and white church engulfed in unholy flames; measuring at 1.5" tall and 1.25" across, it is the perfect adornment for your battle vest, jacket, hoodie or pin board! Every order also comes with a massive, matching sticker totally free - if you're interested in grabbing yourself one of these or any of our pins, head over to our shop now! Every single order supports Soulless Cult and helps us stay online, run giveaways and do cool shit! So again, thank you a million times over for supporting Soulless; you guys are absolutely incredible to me.

Here's to another wicked year!

Stay fucking Soulless.

- Bobby Cvlt

Cult Leader


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