Horror Club: Scarecrows

Kicking off a brand new year filled of horror, terror and things that go bump in the night, we finally got the chance to check out Scarecrows - directed by Stu Stone -a film that I've been dying to see since I saw the promo poster for. Could there be anything scarier than an ordinary, every day psycho capturing and torturing you until you bleed your last drop of blood?! That's what you get in Scarecrows; four teenagers travel deep into the middle of no where to try and have a couples day (aka hookup) at a hidden lagoon and as they make their descent deeper into the land, they end up finding the lagoon but they end up finding more than they bargained for when they end up on the farm of a lunatic farmer. Scarecrows is a great hybrid of horror and comedy; the first half of the movie will have you laughing at its ridiculousness and teenage jokes (no sarcasm here: I honestly laughed out loud numerous times) but as soon as the farmer begins to terrorize the teens, it's all horror from then on out as the farmer captures and tortures the group. It goes from gags to gore as it progresses and the end result is a fun, highly recommended flick. While it may not be groundbreaking film making, it's writing and chemistry works incredibly well and makes for a bloody good time.

As mentioned, the first half of the film is comedy gold as our lead guys - Ely and Farbsie - lead their attractive friends Ash and Devon through the middle of no where to a lagoon hidden far from street view. You know this movies going to be good from one of the opening scenes when the girls are off peeing in the woods and the guys are sitting in the car when a fucking thumb falls onto the windshield, and the guys reactions are nothing short of amazing. After some skinny dipping and hooking up, the teens eventually find their way into the arms of a madman farmer who knocks out the couples one by one and bringing them back to his barn (where you know nothing good happens). Once there, he sews their mouths closed and prepares them for their new job as living fucking scarecrows out in the cornfields of his farm. That's right - after sewing their mouths closed, he hammers nails into their limbs to mount them to a post, drags them out into the fields and strings 'em up to live out the rest of their final days as living scarecrows. It's a brutal, torturous way to die and its a concept that makes this movie so worth your time. While the movie is relatively easy going on the gore factor, there are definitely "what the fuck!" moments throughout, and plenty of sequences to make you cringe in pain. So if you couldn't already tell, Scarecrows follows the journey of these four teens as they try to escape the farm and their fate as living, breathing Scarecrows, bound to the cornfields until death.

Before watching this movie, you've got to assess if you're down with teenage/stoner type of comedy; if you don't find those kids of jokes funny, you're not going to appreciate this film nearly as much as you should and will probably click off before making it to the horror elements of the film. But if you love some good, cheesy jokes, you're in for a treat if you check this movie out. I feel like usually in movies like this I don't find myself connecting to the characters as often as I do with other movies, but Ely and Farbsie make a great set of friends and their relationship reminds me of the friendships I have with my own friends, maybe that's why I found them so damn funny the whole movie; the girls were no doubt beautiful, but it kinda ends there for those characters, you never really get to spend enough time with them to create any sort of connection. Regardless, the concept to Scarecrows was excellently planned and executed - the filmmakers did a killer job blending comedy, cat-and-mouse chases through the farm and of coarse the actual torture scenes. Without giving too much away, there are actually some pretty decent twists and turns you'll encounter once the horror element of the films kicks in, and they are also excellent timed and executed. These twists help break the mold of 'madman chases teens through woods' concept we've seen so many times, and it works surprisingly well! Overall, Scarecrows definitely lived up to the excitement I had for it, maybe even surpasses my expectations by a bit! It's entertaining from beginning to end, and is filled with nothing but a good time for fans of horror comedies (as long as you can appreciate the type of humor!). I'll definitely be giving it another watch before the end of the year, and so I cannot recommend it enough! Definitely worth both your time and money.

Check out the trailer below for Scarecrows - available now on video on demand services!