Stillbirth - Annihilation of Mankind

Germany's hard hitting STILLBIRTH came out swinging this past summer with their latest release, "Annihilation of Mankind" - a twelve track collection that makes up the bands fifth full length release. Stillbirth are far from newcomers to the scene; this year will mark twenty years of the band being a project, a feat many in this genre can only dream to attain. And in those twenty years, Stillbirth have continued to bring heavy slams and brutal fucking riffs with each and every release, and if you've been sleeping on "Annihilation of Mankind," allow me to inform you that this time around the band went harder and heavier than they ever have before, making this album a fucking beast of a record. If you've come for crazy, brutal slams, Stillbirth demand to be on your playlist.

No time is wasted as the first track - "Fictional Entertainment" - throws you right into their sick brand of heavy, complete with blast beats, wailing guitars and vocal lows that come straight out of hell. It's a short but sweet jam with a title that pretty much sums up the band and the genre as a whole (if you're a fan of slam, you know the lyrics can get pretty wild): it's all fictional entertainment. It is the perfect bree-filled teaser to lead you right into the next track, "Enemy of the Enemy," which will satisfy your need for squealing guitar licks and grooves that will get you fucking moving!! Following right up behind those wild grooves is absolute insanity as the vocalist takes you on a brutal descent into hell during the second half of the track. It should be obvious by the end of this second song that these dudes have fine tuned their skills in the three years since "Global Error" - this album as a whole is packed with fun yet devastating brutality that feels like it was written to get you headbanging. Check out "Highest of Malice" if that's your type of thing - it's a nearly endless track perfect for headbangers to get their heads throbbing! Nonstop chaos from beginning to end, this track and almost all of the tracks alongside it just scream death metal goodness. "Torn Apart," blast beat heavy "Psychological Manipulation" and even the title track "Annihilation of Mankind" are jam packed filled with absurd guttural vocals, slams to break your fucking neck to, pounding drums that blast away - all with wild, melodic yet brutal solos strategically placed throughout. One of my favorite tracks - "The Sky Turns Black" - is just an overall relentless display of how it is done by dudes who have help establish the genre; I can think of very, very few vocalists who can nail the insanity that Stillbirth's does: it becomes total fucking mayhem on this track. Take all of this beautifully written and excellently executed metal and mix it with crystal clear sound quality and "Annihilation of Mankind" is no doubt a top contender for one of the better brutal death metal records to come out of 2018, so it is definitely a must-listen for fans of Soulless. If you fuck with bands like Abominable Putridity, Analepsy, or Devourment, Stillbirth might just be your next favorite band, if they aren't already. Check 'em out!

Check out "Annihilation of Mankind" in full below, and if you dig what you hear be sure to check out the band on Facebook, Bandcamp or their store!