Horror Club: The Void

As a 29 year old grown man who consumes horror-based media on a daily basis, very - very - rarely do I come across a movie or show that I can call "terrifying" in the way that I called movies as child watching Friday the 13th or The Dentist did. In fact, I'm not even sure I've ever described any movie in any of my reviews here at Soulless Cult as truly terrifying. But that changes today with THE VOID - a 2016 (but released worldwide in 2017) supernatural horror written and directed by Steven Kostanski and Jeremy Gillespie; it is truly terrifying in every sense of the word. This film takes horror to a new level of terror as it starts off relatively tame, works its way into "oh, that's fucked up" then builds into "oh, that's really fucked up" and finally finishes off with "this entire thing is fucked up." Kostanski and Gillespie managed to capture and blend together elements of H.P. Lovecraft and Clive Barker into one monstrous beast called The Void. Dare I even say that this is one of the best horror flicks I have seen in a long time - yeah, it's that good. But be forewarned, this review may contain spoilers so if you have any desire to see this, please continue on with caution!

While The Void only takes place in one location - a nearly-defunct hospital with literally one doctor, two nurses and almost no patients - this movie manages to feel tremendous because of the levels it takes you to. To sum up its truly wicked plot, in the middle of the night a cop - Daniel - sees a man crawling out onto the road from the woods, and he rushes him to the nearest hospital - this almost empty hospital. Once there, you almost instantly get thrown into insanity as Daniel walks in on the nurse killing one of the two patients that were there, and when she turns around to look at Daniel you can see her cutting her own fucking face off. As she's running at Daniel to try and kill him, Daniel shoots and kills her in self defense. From there, things just escalate and escalate and escalate. When they return to the room where the nurse was killed, they come to find out she has transformed into a horrifying, tentacled monster. Our group of characters - along with two strange outsiders - attempt to kill the creature, but after doing so, begin to realize that the outside of the hospital is surrounded by hooded, cult-like creatures that are determined to keep the cast inside the hospital. From this point forward, the group are determined to figure out what these creatures are, what they want, and why they aren't allowed to leave their hospital-prison. In an attempt to prevent any further spoilers, that's where I'm going to leave you as far as the plot goes - you really need to see the movie to understand just how crazy this story line gets.

There is this grim, unsettling dark cloud that hovers over the entire movie that you'll find leaves you wondering what exactly is going on; simply because this movie gets freaky, unusual, unpredictable and even gory out of no where. I think that's part of what makes it so great; while the creatures you'll encounter are pure nightmare fuel, they're not even the scariest part of The Void. It's the hell that the characters are being put through, their fates, and of coarse, The Void its self. It's disturbing yet gorgeous and enticing all at once - and that's why once the film picks up, it sucks you up and keeps you in its grasp until the final scene. What's important to note before judging it is that this is a movie that you need to watch all the way through before you make any judgments - it very much relies on the story coming full circle to explain what exactly you're watching and why what you're watching is happening - so don't shut it off a half hour in and make your judgement. Once it finally ended my brain was fried yet begging for more of The Void's insanity filled action.

The Void is also a very attractive film to watch; the scenes where you see these monstrosities and the fate of the cast - specifically the doctor, the cop Daniel and his estranged wife/nurse Alison - will leave you on the edge of your seat, without a doubt. I can write an entire book on how epic the doctor character becomes in this movie, but I;d honestly be giving way too much away, so let me just say this: Dr. Richard Powell has now placed himself in one of modern horror's most terrifying characters, simply based off his actions and story line in The Void; he takes you to some fucking haunting new levels of fear and it's so goddamn awesome. And if you're a fan of gore like myself, don't fret - The Void has plenty of it to satisfy your blood-soaked dreams, and it is some fucking quality gore, let me tell you! All of this, combined with a great, personable cast (even the "villains" of the group are likable) makes for one hell of an adventure into The Void - but what exactly is The Void and why do you want to go there?! You'll have to watch this one to find out - and believe me, it's well worth your time. I can't recommend this one enough - an absolute must-see!!!

Check out the trailer below for THE VOID, now available on video on demand services.