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The Last Ten Seconds of Life - Machina Non Grata

Believe it or not, it's been two and a half years since The Last Ten Seconds of Life dropped the bomb that was "The Violent Sound" on the scene which set the bar high for the bands notoriously heavy sound. It honestly feels like just yesterday that we were all passing around links to songs off that album; but to kick off 2019, TLTSOL came to fuck shit up with their latest release "Machina Non Grata" - fourteen tracks of pure, violent metal that - yet again - raises the standards for the band and sets a new level of heavy for the genre. Without any disrespect to their previous material: "Machina Non Grata" might just be their best, heaviest, and real album to date; if you skip over this one, you're seriously fucking up. The band just kicked off the first of three back-to-back tours just the other day, so it's safe to say that The Last Ten Seconds of Life are truly grabbing 2019 by the fucking horns and they are here for domination. And if you're a fan of the genre, you should be just as fucking stoked as we are.

One of the reasons I've always loved TLTSOL is because it feels like their music has always been some of the realest stuff I listen to. And by that I mean, I listen to so much deathcore and death metal that kinda takes you to different worlds, realms and fantasies and puts you in their world - which I totally cool; but with TLTSOL, it always feels like their music is about this world in that it speaks of the real world outside your door, the world we must all ace each and every day. It's the real world that haunts us, beats us down, treats us like shit, yet as people we must continue to press on and carve our own path, destroying anything that gets in our way of our life. So with the bands past music and now with "Machina Non Grata," it feels like they are still speaking on our world, our present. And I love that. So when the band kicks off with "Glory" - a chug heavy intro to the album - there's no doubt that TLTSOL are still here with us - in the present - facing the same shit we do every day. It sets a tone for what follows in the tracks after it: devastatingly heavy, crushing guitar tones that feel like they are meant to stir up that anger from deep down (and it works brilliantly). "Sweet Chin Music" is one of the tracks that the band released early, and it picks up the pace a little bit briefly before the bands signature breakdown sound hits, and goddamn does it hit good. Oh, and did I mention they bring in a familiar voice as a guest spot: Jamie fucking Hanks of I Declare War who absolutely destroys his part in the song - his voice with the thunderous claps of those bone-chilling guitars is an absolutely devastating way to kick off an album. After hearing it for the first time, all I could think about was how TLTSOL hit the nail right on the head with who they should get to do a guest spot for a song. This song instantly has become one of my favorites off the record, so if you're looking to jump right in, maybe this is where you start.

But best believe, the fun doesn't stop there; "Machina Non Grata" is packed from beginning to end with sheer brutality. "These Guns Are Made For Shootin'" has this really wicked breakdown with guitars that ring out in such a sick way, there's really no way to explain how good it sounds (especially if you're playing this out of a good sound system). This track isn't alone in containing some of few "clean vocal" parts you'll find on "Machina Non Grata," but if you listened to "The Violent Sound" you know what kind of clean vocals to expect from these guys: it's not those whiny singing vocals death metal heads fear, The Last Ten Seconds of Life have proved yet again that they know how to incorporate classy clean vocals into their brutally heavy sound in a way that just totally works, just like it does on "Aphrodite" - another track that slams your face into fucking concrete with its bursts of heavy guitar tones and knee-bending drums - and "Soul Erased" which has these fucking really awesome slow cleans that lead you into this memorizing spiral of tranquility. Built in between those heavy parts are clean vocal fillings that just... fucking work, even for those of us who blast extreme death metal all day. "Soul Erased" works so damn well with its cleans, wailing guitars and of coarse, those wickedly evil lows. I think it's possibly become one of my favorite songs not just off "Machina Non Grata" in all of TLTSOL's nine years of writing music. Other highly notable tracks off "Machina Non Grata" no doubt include "Psychophrenia," "Axe to Grind" (which has an opening that literally sounds and feels like a bomb going off) and the chug-heavy title track "Machina Non Grata" with its slick guitar solo work, heavy as hell low vocals, slowed down calmness, and trippy futuristic robot electronics that the band wrote a wicked breakdown over; a perfect end to a pretty much perfect release from one of the genres easily most underrated bands. The Last Ten Seconds - yet again - outdid themselves in every sense of progressing as writers. If I could recommend this album twice, I'd do it in a heart beat. "Machina Non Grata" kicks off 2019 on an unbelievable and undeniable high - if you're not with The Last Ten Seconds of Life this year, then you're against them.

Check out the music video for "Psychophrenia" off the new album below, and if you like what you hear, be sure to show some love on the bands Facebook and hit up one of TLTSOL's upcoming shows if they're coming to your city!


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