Horror Club: Cherokee Creek

Growing up as a fan of horror in the late '90s into the early '00s, there was no better horror to me than the classic '80s slashers. There was something about the cheesy, over-the-top ridiculousness combined with the morbid and brutal kills that just made me fall in love with the genre. The movies weren't meant to be these massive art pieces that film students would dissect and pick apart for school; they were meant to be funny, gory, and maybe even give you a few scares. These types of movies don't seem to come around often anymore - the 'Hatchet' series probably being the most popular modern day version of this seemingly ignored genre. But Movie Mafia Productions have released a beast of a movie into the world. Part slasher, part creature feature, all laughs and gore: 2018's Cherokee Creek is just as over-the-top and outrageous as 'Hatchet' is, only this one does it with one of mankind's most feared urban legends of all time: Bigfoot! Cherokee Creek had me smiling - if not laughing - from the opening scene until the credits rolled, and you best believe there was plenty of "oh shit!" moments throughout. This movie is an absolute beast to be reckoned with - and I can't recommend it enough!

Written and directed by Todd Jenkins, Cherokee Creek follows the story of a group of friends who "kidnap" their groom-to-be best friend and bring him out to Cherokee Creek - a woodsy area out in the middle of no where - to celebrate his final days before the wedding with a bachelor party. Armed with plenty of beer and strippers, the party is off to a great start - until the group begins to get terrorized and brutally killed one by one by none other than Bigfoot! The group failed to pay attention to the "no entry" signs posted around the campsite - signs that are there as a result of the local hunters prowling the property looking to kill the beast himself. Things go downhill quick as the friends get picked off one at a time with cleverly placed and executed slayings. Will anybody make it out of Cherokee Creek alive, or will Bigfoot disembowel each and every last one of them?!

Cherokee Creek definitely is not for everyone; it's not your average comedy, it's not your average slasher, it's not your average creature feature, it's not your average anything. What it is is a very creative take on the urban legend of Bigfoot, mixed with some really adult humor, mixed with some really brutally done kills, mixed with plenty of sex for good measure. I figured this movie would be a little goofy from the trailer, but it turned out to be less goofy and more so actually funny and out of control, which was awesome. The film touts its self as a hybrid of "The Hangover" and "Friday the 13th" and they fucking nailed it right on the head with that. It utilizes the same hilarious, adult comedy themes that "The Hangover" delivers, packaged beautifully with some really classy (and some so absurdly over the top) kills. What will make or break a film like this is the beast himself: Bigfoot. If you fuck up Bigfoot in a Bigfoot movie, nothing else you do will matter. But I'm happy to report that Cherokee Creek's take on Bigfoot was fucking sick: he's huge, he's terrifying, he's got these massive hands and claws and this dreadfully terrifying face that will leave you in pure terror. His presence doesn't over-saturate the film, but you do get to see plenty of Sasquatch so don't you worry; this definitely isn't one of those movies where you spend the whole time waiting to see the monster and he never shows.

There's plenty of blood, guts and gore in Cherokee Creek to make this appeal to even the hardest of horror fans, and at the same time enough adult/sexual comedy to ensure that this film doesn't take its self too seriously. A good horror always includes plenty of blood and boobs, and this film definitely delivers on both fronts. I wish that there was a way to convey just how fucking hilarious this movie is without giving away any spoilers - because believe me, there's certain scenes in this movie you gotta see to believe that these guys went that far. It's these scenes that really take an already awesome movie to a fucking awesome movie. The group of friends that this film follows spend plenty of time bickering and talking their shit to each other, which reminds me so much of my own group of friends, so it makes it just that much more awesome. Every character has a strong personality and the ones whose fate ends up in the hands of Bigfoot always have some really brutal ways of dying. There's seriously nothing not to like about Cherokee Creek. Like I said, right out the gate this movie will have you laughing and eagerly awaiting the bloodshed. This movie was worth every penny that I paid to rent it, and I'd even go as far as to say it's worth purchasing a hard copy for future viewings - it's that damn good. The team behind Cherokee Creek hit the nail right on the head putting this one together - from the writing to the acting to the effects, Cherokee Creek is a win on all fronts. It's vulgar, it's bloody, it's fucking hilarious - Soulless Cult rates this one an absolute must-see!

Check out the trailer for Cherokee Creek below - available now on video on demand services!