Aborted - TerrorVision

Few bands these days have the ability to continuously pump out crushing, brutal music album after album, and still manage to remain at the top of the genre like Aborted have. The Belgium-based death metal outfit certainly needs no introduction: Aborted's latest record - TerrorVision - is the bands tenth studio album, and is without a doubt some of the best songwriting we've seen from the legendary band in their history. TerrorVision was released in September, and even with all the new music that crosses my headphones week after week, it continues to be a constant in my "now playing" library. From beginning to end, this album packs one hell of a fucking punch in terms of technical yet pulverizing death metal, and while it may still only be a few months old, there's no doubt that this record has become an instant classic in the eyes of many metalheads. Obey the TerrorVision!!!

The graceful yet unsettling building piano intro "Lasciate ogne speranza" very quickly leads right into the title track "TerrorVision" which is an unstoppable force of blast beats, demanding and evil as fuck guitars and of coarse, the signature and distinct vocals of Sven de Caluwé. Right from the get-go, this track grabs you and violently shakes and terrorizes you - from the epic chugging and insane percussion to the sweet solo and badass guest spot by Seth Siro Anton of Septicflesh - TerrorVision is easily one of my top songs off this new album, and even in all of Aborted's very rich and extensive discography. The insanity doesn't end there as tracks like "Squalor Opera," "A Whore D'oeuvre Macabre" and "Farewell to the Flesh" continue to pound away at your brain matter with such incredible precision - the guitar work in particular on this album is some of the sickest technical writing I've heard in a while, and honestly, I expect nothing less from Aborted, who have a history of always one-upping their previous records. Take "A Whore D'oeuvre Macabre" (which features Sebastian Grihm of Cytotoxin) for example - instantly, you are launched into this insane whirlwind of guitars that are so mesmerizing until they finally break yet still leave you in this sick parallel of chugging goodness. It's fast, it's relentless, it's straight up chaos: this is death metal in its finest, most brutal form. "Vespertine Decay" became another favorite of mine off "TerrorVision;" it starts off a little slower, building and building until it finally it, too, launches you into a full on brutal death metal warzone. Listen closely and you'll definitely hear drummer Ken Bedene putting in some fucking work on this one; the blast beats feel like they never let up on this one (and we're not complaining!). Pulled apart element by element, one can easily see how "TerrorVision" had to be meticulously written - and as a whole, the verdict is right before your eyes: TerrorVision is death metal perfection. The songs are so varied and different sounding, yet they fit together as a collective perfectly - something Aborted have always managed to capture throughout the years. Which is perfect because I think we cal all agree that it doesn't ever feel like Aborted is writing the same song over and over again - everything is always fresh and different, yet close enough that they fit together like puzzle pieces. Arguably one of the heaviest tracks in all of Aborted's history - "The Final Absolution" - closes out the record and goddamn is this track PUNISHING. They brought along Julien Truchan of Benighted for this one, and his addition to Aborted's incredibly detailed and creative writing makes for one of the heaviest songs in all of 2018 - Aborted saved the best for last, closing out the record on an insanely high note.

"TerrorVision" is one massively epic record - it feels like it was written for death metal fans by death metal fans - and sometimes we forget how important that is. Aborted clearly wrote a record that they would want to hear, and the proof is in the pudding: "TerrorVision" is packed with ten absolutely devastating tracks of unadulterated death fucking metal. At the end of the day, this album encompasses so fucking much that it's hard to find anything not to like about it; Aborted are clearly masters of their craft and are still at the top when it comes to delivering for their fans. This is a high point for this band, and this record has earned the respect and praise it has received since its release. If you haven't given this album the time of day yet, you've been wasting your time; grab yourself a copy and Obey the TerrorVision!!!

Check out the video below for "Squalor Opera" off TerrorVision, and if you dig what you hear be sure to check out the band on Facebook or grab something from their merch store! Aborted are touring the US this March/April with Cryptopsy and Benighted, so head out to a show this spring and catch some of these songs live!