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Traitors - Repent (+ Album Release Show)

Ever since 2015, Florida's TRAITORS have continued to pump out sick record after sick record, and their hard work in regards to touring has earned them their rightful place among the most popular bands in the community right now. Traitors always brings with them plenty of real, raw emotion and the angriest of music to go along with it. The band recently released their brand new record - Repent - and you can pretty much instantly feel the strong vibes that Traitors have returned to their sound from their first album - The Hate Campaign - and it almost feels like a continuation of where THC left off. Repent is a notoriously heavy, no bullshit, in-your-face record and Traitors have clearly put it all out on the table for the listener, and it makes for one hell of an album. From beginning to end, Repent is filled with tracks that will bring noise to the angst and emotion many metalheads will undoubtedly be able to relate to. Always armed with sick tours, Traitors are back to reclaim their title as one of Florida's heaviest bands ever with the release of Repent. To celebrate the release of this monster new album, the band have been touring the U.S. alongside metal heavyweights The Last Ten Seconds of Life, Angelmaker and VCTMS, and we were lucky enough to catch them live last night in their final week of the tour to hear some of "Repent" live. And man, was it pure insanity.

The "Intro" track to the album alone is an incredible lead-in to the album to come; its a slow, quiet start that builds into the classic and loved Traitors chug while vocalist Tyler screams his fucking lungs out. A nice, brief little breakdown that tosses you right into the action of "Suffocate," which brings that old school Traitors sound back to life alongside tracks like "Left to Rot" and "Weak World." Repent is packed the fuck out with everything we've come to love about their music over the years: the insanely heavy breakdowns, the chugs that will hype you up beyond belief, wicked guitar solos that add some sick melodies to the tracks, percussion that will shake you to the core with every hit and vocals that are raw and evil, yet welcoming and powerful at the same time. Perfect example of this would be "Dwell": a four minute anger-filled breakdown-ridden banger of a track that will make you throw fists through the faces of all your friends. It does a mighty fine job of showing Tyler's vocal range as well, including his throaty, slammy guttural style shrieks which are powerful and demanding. While literally every track off this album is fucking sick, there's two in particular that have caught my attention and that I keep going back to: "Ruthless Hate" and "Wasted Faith."

"Ruthless Hate" has to be one of Traitor's heaviest songs they've ever written; and that's saying something. It's a perfect example of why this style of music hits fans so damn hard: the track is absolute chaos and makes you want to fucking move someone. It's got this strange uplifting tone that makes you feel like you could take on the entire world and leave victorious, and that's part of why I keep finding myself going back to these tracks in particular. It's not just the breakdown; the entire tracks are just these violent, angry and powerful tracks that will invoke that demon down inside you that you - as a human being - need to release. "Wasted Faith" is probably my favorite track off the album at the end of the day, though - it's the most angry shit ever. I think every single person reading this can relate to the lyrics of this track (if not the entire album); "Everything I touch turns to dust; I spill my blood. It will never be good enough." The final track off the album - "Ignorance" - is the perfect way to close out an epic record: it's almost absurd how heavy this track gets with its blast beats, angry chugs and that voice straight from hell itself. Repent is - without question - Traitors' best work to date, and when you'll really feel the anger and passion in these songs is when you hear it live.

Soulless Cult was lucky enough to catch the New World Order Tour when it hit our backyard of Amityville, New York last night, and it was definitely an unforgettable night of metal. Somehow in all my years of going to shows and being a fan of Traitors, I've never crossed paths with them at a show - or with The Last Ten Seconds of Life for that matter! So this show was a little extra special because besides one of the local support bands, I've never seen any of the bands on the bill, so I didn't know what to expect at all which is always a great experience. VCTMS earned themselves a new fan last night; I've seen their name dropped here and there online lately but never got the chance to actually sit down and check them out, and that is something I now deeply regret. These guys took the stage and left it in pieces by the time they were done; their chaotic brand of brutality feels like if Bodysnatcher had a baby with old school Sworn In, it's sick. They were loud, heavy, and brought the motherfucking ruckus. The crowd was definitely feeling it too: from the get-go, the pit went nuts for these guys and plenty of "oh shit" remarks could be heard from various parts of the crowd during their set, and if you've ever been to a show like this, you know that's probably a good thing. The entire time it felt like they were a band that truly appreciated the fact that they were on stage performing and making the very best of their short set; everyone on stage was clearly having a fucking blast and that energy transcended the stage and made its way right into the crowd.

The Last Ten Seconds of Life recently dropped their new album - "Machina Non Grata" - which I couldn't recommend enough. So seeing these guys pull songs off that album - along with some of the classics of coarse - live was an absolute treat. "Glory" kicked off their set and by the end of the song, someone in the pit was already KO'd; that's the type of crowd reaction that TLTSOL brings with them and everybody in the crowd and pit couldn't get enough of it. Also part of the set was "North of Corpus," "Sweet Chin Music," "Live on Broadway" and of coarse, "The Box" among others. TLTSOL were tight as fuck and in case you were wondering, John Robert C. sounds exactly like he does on their records and its sick sick sick. I had a blast during their set and - just like their latest album - I can't recommend seeing them live enough. They have a massive stage presence and an intense sound, and it's one you certainly don't want to miss. Up next was Traitors - the final of seven bands to perform last night - and it was exactly what I thought it was going to be: a madhouse of violence from the first note until the last. Much like TLTSOL, their set was packed with plenty of brand new track and a gnarly mix of older bangers. On the setlist was "Short Fused," "Ruthless Hate," "RIP," "Left to Rot," "Dissapoint" and plenty more. While "Repent" has only been out for a week or so now, the crowd knew all the lyrics to the new tracks and the reception was incredible; clearly I am not alone in thinking that the new jams are some of their best yet. Traitors were nuts live, and they erupted the place with their brutal deep south heat. The New World Order Tour was nothing short of an utter success in the eyes of a fan, and everyone on the tour should be super proud of themselves for giving the fans one hell of a run for their money.

Check out the video below for "Ruthless Hate" off the new album "Repent," and if you like what you hear check out the band on Facebook!


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