Phrymerial - Xenomorphic Creation

There's a very beautiful plane in the extreme music world where sheer brutality meets sophisticated yet face-melting technicality; it's a plane that many young bands these days are trying to align their music with, yet few truly accomplish conjuring up something that shares a balance. PHRYMERIAL - based out of Spain - recently released their new album "Xenomorphic Creation" which shares that perfect balance of wicked extreme death metal and insanely gorgeous technical riffs. The eight track album, released through Miasma Records and Vomit Your Shirt, is the follow-up record to 2016's "The Human Cleansing" and upon your first pass through "Xenomorphic Creation," you'll quickly hear the improvements in the level of musicianship and writing (as well as production) - a sure sign these guys have been hard at work fine-tuning their sound to release the best material possible, and it shows. Xenomorphic is a fucking alien beast sent from deep space to rock your brain right out of your skull, and it really is eight tracks of pulverizing deathcore. It's a record I just haven't been able to shut off since its release a few weeks ago, and for good reasons. If "Xenomorphic Creation" doesn't blast Phrymerial into new dimensions and worlds beyond with its impressive writing and damning sound, I don't know what will.

The album kicks off with the easy introduction "Genesis," which may start off on the quiet and calming side, but before long, in-your-face guitars begin blaring along with some sick china smashes, and bringing it all together is some slam-style brees that lead you right into the next glorious track, "Anunnaki Sperm Shot." The song is nothing short of death metal goodness, from incredible percussion to this breakdown that just pounds away at your ears. And it is during this time you'll hear the first of the fucking wicked guitar work that brings the alien-theme to life. It's hard to describe without actually hearing it, but it's like this insane roller coaster of notes that takes you to these incredible highs. The breakdown at the end will literally beat the shit out of you, it's easily one of the best breakdowns I've heard in a while now. Let's also not forget that this entire time, the vocalist is declaring war on your ear drums with his insane brand of demonically low screams and growls. If you're looking for some of the sickest brees and growls in the game, look no further than "Present of Our Gods" which literally throws you right into a sickening nine second long shriek that - no matter how many times I listen to it - sends actual shivers down my spine every time. Mix in some guitars that feel very reminiscent of classic Iwrestledabearonce songs and you have one of the baddest, life-threatening tracks on the record; it's one of my personal favorites that I just cannot recommend enough if you're looking to give Phrymerial a try, since it highlights each instrument at some point in the song to showcase just how bad ass they can get. These this insane solo towards the end that almost sounds like an insane computer program losing its shit and going haywire, its awesome.

The band followed up to the instrumental title track off their debut album with "The Human Cleansing, Pt. 2" which - while still instrumental - is one of the most stunning and eargasmic displays of an intermission ever. It's quiet intro leads right into this great little number that will get your head bobbing, without a doubt. But don't let the calm and mellow listening of the instrumental fool you as this is one of your only chances to escape the madness and chaos that is the rest of "Xenomorphic Creation." Take "Atanathos" as a perfect example; the track has one of the best features ever as Diogo Santana of Analepsy lends his vocals to help Phrymerial destroy whatever you have left of your ear drums. It's actual non-stop, blistering death metal with these sick guitars and squeals that hit you right in your gut. If you like your metal fast, loud, ruthless and fucking dirty, "Atanathos" will probably be your favorite track of the year so far. Mind-numbingly heavy mixed with Phrymerial's unique alien-influenced guitar-solos is the perfect recipe for this sick, sick track. These elements are even more present on "C-137," "Intramolecular Massacre" and "Sigha" (which has the best solo of any of the alien-themed bands ever, peep it) - the songs effortlessly blend one to another while each offering their own unique sound and setting. "Xenomorphic Creation" is jam-packed with so many tight, sickening riffs and solos, so much insanity from the bass and the kit, and some consistently demonic vocals - it's no wonder why the album hasn't left my playlist since its release. While Phrymerial may not be the first ones tackling the alien-themed deathcore niche, they are certainly light years ahead of many of the other bands trying it. Phrymerial ain't nothing to fuck with; listen to "Xenomorphic Creation" now.

Check out the album in its entirety now at the video below provided by Slam Worldwide, and if you dig what you hear, be sure to check out the band on Facebook and you can grab some merch at Miasma Records or Vomit Your Shirt.