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Hurakan - Abomination of Aurokos

If you haven't been keeping tabs on the slamming deathcore band HURAKAN, consider this your first and final warning: they are bringing the fucking ruckus with their own unique and downright filthy brand of slamming brutal shit! The France-based band recently released their second full length entitled "Abomination of Aurokos" on Miasma Records and Vomit Your Shirt, and it is nine tracks of some of the most maddening, violent, and brutal music possibly ever released. It's got a little bit of everything you'd want from a band like them, and it's jam packed with some of the best guest features you could ask for. "Abomination of Aurokos" is anything but an abomination, and I can't seem to be able to shut this album off - so you know it's a fucking banger. If you're at all a fan of breakdowns, aliens and blast beats, then strap yourself in because Hurakan got a record written just for you.

The band list some of my favorite bands in the scene right now as their main influences, such as Abominable Putridity, Ingested, Within Destruction and Rings of Saturn - and without hesitation, I can honestly say that Hurakan managed to blend some of the best elements of all these bands into one crazy ass sound that they call their new album. It's got everything fans love about slam and deathcore mixed with the technical, mind-bending alien-sounding solos that we've come to love and Hurakan pack it all into one nice, neat package that is an absolutely devastating and destructive new album. Right from the get-go with "Earthborn Cattle," you are blasted into death metal madness as the vocalist shrieks his sickening growls over the crushing guitars. It isn't long before you also get your first taste of the sensational blast beats the band have written into their songs, and everything comes together when you get your first sample of the bands sick breakdown style towards the end of the track that will leave you senseless. This is also where you'll find your first guest spot as Alex Paul of Organectomy jumps in and goes hard as fuck lending his throat to only add to the chaos that kicks off this album. The heavy doesn't let up as the album continues on with tracks like "Warlords of Bos Taurus" and "Imperial Berserkers" (which is where you'll definitely hear that Rings of Saturn influence) that don't have any features and gladly showcase the bands own raw talent - proving that they don't at all need sick guest spots to absolutely shatter your ear drums with insane death metal; the band do more than hold their own. "Slamming Brutal Shit," probably one of my favorite tracks off the album (if I HAD to narrow it down), becomes utter fucking mayhem about a minute in with some totally killer bass guitar work, blast beats for days, and gutturals that will make you want to rip your own hair out of your own head. And that's all before you even hit the insane breakdown towards the end of the song which will leave you absolutely helpless in a pit at a live show.

As far as guest features go, Hurakan didn't hold back on bringing in some of the finest talent in the extreme metal scene right now, including Rok Rupnik of Within Destruction on "Xenometh" and Kiryu Zhang of Dehumanizing Itatrain Worship on "Maelström of Dark Matter" - two of the most intense tracks on the album that is just ruthlessly heavy (picking up on the sci-fi themes from the titles yet?!). "Maelström of Dark Matter" has these sick guitar wails that pop in and out of the song that sounds so damn good once you mix in the vocalists absurd and unique vocal style and the epic, sci-fi sounding sample just before the devastating breakdown that hits to close out the album - one of the finest displays of a breakdown ever! Also jumping in on the brutality that is "Abomination of Aurokos" is Daniel Burris of Gamma Sector on "Cosmophage" and Clément Simiand of Wasteland on "Deus Ex Atomus" - two tracks that cannot be overlooked as these are some of the sickest tracks Hurakan's guitarists have put together, and are fine examples of the writing that went into the album. In all honesty, though - you're going to have a very hard time finding things to not like about Hurakan's latest album if you're a fan of deathcore or slam; these guys have nearly perfected the sound that is these genres. So much so, that if I had to describe the genres to someone who's never heard either before, literally anything off "Abomination of Aurokos" would be a top contending track to show. The album is literally packed from beginning to end with pure wickedness, and if THIS doesn't put Hurakan on the map, I don't know what will. Run - don't walk - to grab yourself a copy of "Abomination of Aurokos," or you're missing out on some of the finest slamming brutal shit of 2019.

Check out all of "Abomination of Aurokos" in the stream below brought to you by Slam Worldwide, and if you dig what you hear, be sure to check out the band on Facebook and Bandcamp!


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