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Embrace Your Punishment - Nameless King

Straight out of France comes "Nameless King," the brand new album from EMBRACE YOUR PUNISHMENT that features thirteen tracks of brutal fucking death. Out now via Miasma Records and Vomit Your Shirt, "Nameless King" packs a mean punch of pure brutality goodness, making them a perfect fit on both labels rosters. The album is loaded with all different elements of the metal and hardcore genres, so I can guarantee you two things: first, you'll find something about this record that's going to catch and hold your attention. And secondly, "Nameless King" will leave you anything but bored; from beginning to end, it's loaded with blast beats, groovy bits, and more mosh-worthy parts that your body will know what to do with. It's a game changing album from the French death metal dudes in Embrace Your Punishment, and it's one I can't recommend enough times.

From the "Intro" track until the final track "The Conqueror," this album has all the death metal growls and squeals, slams, blast beats and overall chaos you could possibly ask for. There's such an enormous range of just everything on this album: the vocals are all over the place while perfectly maintaining a level of "oh fuck" whenever you hear them, the guitars quickly and elegantly jump from cool wails to menacing slams that you surely incite some sort of violence deep within you, and the blast beats... oh god, the blast beats. "Nameless King" is - quite honestly - sheer fucking relentlessness, and if you consider yourself a fan of extreme metal, there's no better record to have on your playlist so far this year than this one. It doesn't really let up at any point in the album, and that's a good thing for us that like our death metal pushing new levels of insanity. Even when songs start off slower than most - such as "Allegiance" and "For the Victory" for example - it doesn't take long for Embrace Your Punishment to pick it the fuck up with their punishing brand of technical, blast-beat driven death. Arguably the most relentless song on the album - the title track "Nameless King" - proves its self to be one of the most brutal songs of 2019, delivering an absolutely mental display of brutal death metal.

If you're a fan of bands like Analepsy or Extermination Dismemberment, giving Embrace Your Punishment's second and newest release a chance will be a no-brainer; tracks like "Legacy" (featuring Diogo Santana of Analepsy), "Ascension" (with Chris Andrews of Devourment) and "Black Storm" (which features Lukas Swiaczny of Stillbirth) will undoubtedly be some of the heaviest in your collection. Let's not forget "Fallen Kingdom," which features Joe Marchese & Chris McCarthy of Internal Bleeding which I can already predict will become a fan favorite from this album. Embrace Your Punishment brought in the big guns in terms of guest features on this album, and everyone's presence only enhances the insanity EYP already had in store for listeners. The mixing and mastering of the album is exquisite, which plays a role in why this album stands out among a lot of the other releases we've heard this year; every blast beat is unmistakable and every demonic growl from the vocalist is clean as hell, and you can hear every annunciation clearly. In a genre where a lot of the music can sound like jumble - which sometimes is fine, other times is not - this album's quality is worth noting how much it is appreciated (which doesn't surprise me, Miasma/Vomit Your Shirt releases are always mixed fantastically). The album ends beautifully with "The Conqueror" which initially kicks off with the bands violent, destructing sound but that leads into this fucking wicked calming and (dare I say) peaceful send-off as the guitars gently and melodically usher the album to a close; an epic end to an epic album. The final verdict on this one is that Embrace Your Punishment have strung together thirteen KILLER tracks that will get your head banging, the pit moving, and the gates to hell opened. It's a mighty fine example of how brutal death metal should sound, placing its self high on the list of quality records so far this year. With so much music coming out the last few weeks, I'll scream this one from the rooftops for all to hear: you'll regret not giving "Nameless King" a thorough listen, for it's packed from beginning to end with grueling death fucking metal.

Check out the video below for a full stream of "Nameless King," and if you dig what you hear please be sure to check out the band on Facebook, as well as the Miasma store and Vomit Your Shirt store where you can order Embrace Your Punishment merchandise! Grab the digital album on Bandcamp here!


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