Mental Cruelty - Inferis

If you want to talk about bands that have been blowing the fuck up lately, you better be talking about MENTAL CRUELTY all the way from Karlsruhe, Germany. Since 2016, these guys have been crafting some of the heaviest, hardest, and downright brutal deathcore that we've ever heard; much of their music is way heavier than a lot of the bigger bands in the scene right now, so it is quite obvious why they've gotten so much attention over the last few years. So when they announced that their new album "Inferis" was to be released earlier this month as their second full length album, there's no wonder that it erupted comments all over the internet about how intense this record was going to be, and that 2019 was going to be the year of Cruelty. Last year's "Purgatorium" album rightfully earned the band a spot in many listeners' album collections, and for good reason - so does the follow-up to "Purgatorium" keep up the notorious sound Mental Cruelty have been refining over the last three years? Believe it or not, somehow they've managed to blow "Purgatorium" out of the water with "Inferis" as it is quite possibly one of the most brutal pieces of slamming deathcore you're ever going to hear; say hello to the new face of deathcore.

"Inferis" is packed with nine songs (+ an intro) that is just nothing short of absolute insanity. The intro track quietly and calmly leads you right into "Planet of Misery" - a track that was released prior to the albums release and teased the filth that would follow with the full release. Loaded with angry, vicious guitars, drums that pound away at you and some evil as fuck sounding vocals, "Planet of Misery" subtly blends absolute brutality with a beautifully crafted guitar solo that hits just before an Earth-shattering "this is God's funeral" breakdown. This is a common element you'll find throughout "Inferis": creative guitars that will ease up and craft a beautiful melody, but don't be fooled: you're going to get your face smashed the fuck in with some of the heaviest breakdowns we've heard in 2019. Mix in some blast beats, a good amount of technicality, some sickening brees, and tones that will rock the pit of your stomach, and you have "Inferis" - without a doubt, a top contender for 2019's heaviest albums so far. Tracks like "Mundus Vult Decipi" - a Latin phrase for "the world wants to be deceived" - "Blood Altar" and "God Hunt" are perfect examples of this, with stellar yet damning guitars and the fast, relentless drums to pair perfectly with it.

I've spent a ton of time with the bands last album "Purgatorium" - it became one of my personal favorites of 2018 and even ranked at number three in our top albums of 2018 - and I can honestly say that "Inferis" blows "Purgatorium" out of the fucking water; it's like they took "Purgatorium" and upped the intensity, the massive breakdown blows, and the overall heaviness to really bring their sound to a whole new level of absurdity. If you need proof of this, look no further than tracks like "Human Evisceration" with its punishing final breakdown and "Priest of Damnation" with its wicked shrieks, inhuman growls, evil brees, slamming guitars and blast beats that fucking slay. "Inferis" is jam-packed with track after track of this brutal sound, and it's the reason this album has instantly shot its way to so many listeners ears these past few weeks. Mental Cruelty truly outdid themselves with this one - there's not many bands out there writing notoriously heavy albums like this out there in the deathcore genre. Each song is so unique on its own - each with its own unrelenting and punishing sound - but when the album is played throughout in one sitting, each song perfectly leads right into the next, and you'll find the albums over before you know it! The final verdict is in one this one: you'd be a fucking fool to not give "Inferis" by Mental Cruelty a solid listen; if you're at all a fan of the heaviest of the heavy, this album will undoubtedly be among the best in your library. Don't skip this one - Mental Cruelty are clearly here to take over both this scene and the world.

Check out the full album stream below, and if you dig what you hear, be sure to check out Mental Cruelty on Facebook, as well as their website and merch store!