Horror Club: Tooth Fairy

There's something pretty awesome about the horror genre of movies where creators can take something from our childhood and make it absolutely horrifying. That's what's great about horror: a seemingly innocent story can quickly become a thing of nightmares as our childhood thing become horrifying realities. The latest entry into this genre of horror comes in the form of a new film called "Tooth Fairy" which - if you couldn't guess by the title - brings the dark tale of the Tooth Fairy to life. Originally titled "Toof," the film follows the story of a family that is being haunted, stalked, and killed by the evil, sugar-fearing woman known as the Tooth Fairy. She's come to collect - but unfortunately the film just misses the mark when it comes to telling a truly terrifying tale. But that's not to say the film is entirely bad, as there's certainly a few redeeming qualities to save the film from the gutter. Written by Tom Critch and Shannon Holiday, and directed by Louisa Warren (who also voices the tooth fairy), "Tooth Fairy" has a pretty twisted take on the childhood legend of the woman who comes in the middle of the night, takes your freshly fallen tooth from under your pillow, and leaves you a crisp dollar bill to awaken to. Right from the get-go, the film throws you into the action as the evil fairy haunts three friends as she tries to take their teeth from the mouths. Fast forward a bit and those three friends are now adults with their own families, and the evil Tooth Fairy is back to seek out their teeth and drain them of life. It's a battle for their lives as they attempt to escape their unfortunate fate when they come face to face with the most evil fairy who wants nothing more than to rip your teeth right out of your mouth.

"Tooth Fairy" had so much potential to be one of the most epic independent films to come out this year, especially since the subject matter is such an awesome one and the dark background you could give the fairy tale could have been so epic. And while the film has some whoa moments, the majority of the film felt like it was really lacking anything actually worth spending your time or money to see. One of my first issues that really threw me off right off the bat was the casting; so the actor and actress who were cast to play the elders of the family (the father/mother of the main character) somehow looked younger than the woman who was playing their daughter. Unfortunately, make-up and walking like an old man can only go so far when it comes to actually portraying an old man. It is this awkward casting that kinda throws you off right from the beginning as you're trying to figure out who all these characters are. I found myself confused as to why the parents look younger than their daughter, and it's super weird hearing her call them mother and father when they are both clearly younger. Throw in a really awkwardly placed sex scene, a bizarre (and kinda pointless) love triangle that involves sisters, and some pretty cheesy makeup for the main villain and you've got a film that unfortunately just feels like a bad amateur movie, unfortunately. I really wanted to like this film - and everyone knows I love a good cheesy flick - but besides one pretty brutal kill involving a tooth brush, a really creepy little girl, a vlogger who tells a pretty decent backstory of the villain and a pretty sick take-down of the fairy herself, "Tooth Fairy" unfortunately just doesn't have enough redeeming qualities to make it awesome. There's a decent amount of boring dialogue that builds a back story you won't really care about and not enough time spent showing off the (what could have been awesome) villain. To be fair, though, the last twenty minutes or so of the film are definitely a little bit of a saving grace for the movie. There's a very unique battle the family undergoes to try and take down the Tooth Fairy: they arm themselves with sugar (by filling water guns with soda pop - loved that) and they go head to head with the villain. While it's nothing that will blow you away, it was a very clever battle that at least ended the film on a decent note.

This film could have been really dark, really twisted and definitely could have been a kick-off to a great franchise even, but unfortunately I just don't think "Tooth Fairy" is going to catch and hold the attention of enough horror fans. For a small, independent film it was a pretty good attempt, but it just doesn't hit the mark that the trailer sets the film up to be. This film is going to be a pass from me, it definitely wasn't worth the $4 rental price. The unfortunate truth is this is one to be skipped.