Angelmaker - Self Titled

If there is one band that fans have literally been begging for a new album from, there's no doubt it's gotta be ANGELMAKER out of North Vancouver, British Columbia! Since the release of Dissentient back in 2015 - which feels like forever ago - the band have been hounded by hordes of deathcore fans who crave more of the bands wicked, melodic yet damning form of deathcore. After tons of teasing and hints of a new release, the brand new, self-titled record finally dropped on May 31st, and the results are finally in: this record was worth every single second that we had to wait for it. "Angelmaker" is one of the most intense, dark, and fucking brutal records we've probably ever heard, and there isn't any doubt that this record is going to be a defining album from the band. Please heed this warning and listen to this album!

Prior to the albums release, the band released three singles that properly demonstrate the overall tone, sound, and mood you'll find stretched throughout the fourteen track album. "Hollow Heart," "Tempest," and "Radiance in the Light of a Dying Sun" all debuted before release day and the overall consensus from the fans summed it up perfectly: "Angelmaker" was going to be a beast of a fucking album. After hearing those three songs and being a huge band of the fan myself, you could definitely hear the unique yet iconic Angelmaker sound that all of their songs entail, but with a dark overtone and (dare I say) improved sound. It was as if Angelmaker took their sound from "Dissentient" and knew exactly how they wanted to keep it the same, yet make it so subtly different at the same time. The final result - "Angelmaker" - is one of the most massive records I've come across in a long, long time, and even though we're only halfway through the year, I'm confident in saying this album will be one of the top contenders for all of 2019. And the reason is clear: these songs have the perfect blend of devastating deathcore breakdowns, beautiful and emotional melodic moments, dual vocals that will literally make you weak at the knees, blast beats for fucking days, and guitars that will both make you and break you at the same time. There's so much to love with the new album, and the time that the band have put into crafting the perfect follow-up to the widely successful Dissentient certainly paid off. Tracks like "I Long For Rest" and "Ad Victorium" are going to be massive hits if the band ever take them to a live setting - both for their sheer brutality and ability to grab you and not let you go. This was the exact same feeling I got back when Lorna Shore released "Flesh Coffin" - a game changing record that still resonates with me as much as it did on release day as it does today. And I'm confident in saying that "Angelmaker" is going to be a record that, years from now, is still going to be pounding away at the ear drums of death metal fans world wide.

"In Death" has become one of my favorite songs off the album (alongside "Hollow Heart") as it encompasses everything I love about this band. There's plenty of gut-wrenching deathcore goodness, mixed in alongside a slower paced, melodic come down that is just haunting. But don't mistaken the word "melodic" as being anything short of insanely heavy: Angelmaker has a way of making gorgeous riffs and subtle beauty and infusing it with their relentlessly heavy sound. For proof, see "The Rabbit" off this album: it will blow you away with its neck-breaking breakdowns and growls, yet hit you right in the feels with its wicked melodic guitar work. The band enlisted the help of Evan Robillard to both open the album and close out the album in the most epic way possible on "Eternal" with Flamenco guitar to bring one of the albums most intense tracks to a jaw-dropping end. I'm telling you, the band clearly took their time to craft every song to really blow the listener away: whether you're there for the breakdowns, the beauty, or a little of both, Angelmaker have you covered with the best album of the first half of 2019, their self titled release. It's an album of seismic proportions you have to hear to understand, and so I'll leave you with this: if you skip out on giving Angelmaker a listen, you're fucking up. Listen. to. this. record.

Check out Angelmaker in its entirety at the stream below, and if you dig what you hear be sure to check out the band on Facebook and Bandcamp!