Drown in Sulphur - Blackwind

Italy's DROWN IN SULPHUR are far from new to the deathcore scene; they've been making waves in the online extreme music community since 2015 when they released a video for the single "An Epilogue To The Arrogant." Since then, the band have slowly teased new songs here and there, but it wasn't until just recently that the band released a full EP; their first since 2015's "It Rises" EP. Around this time last year, the band released "Blackwind" as a single - and now, the "Blackwind" EP has finally come to deliver us some finely tuned, devastating deathcore from the Italian dudes in Drown In Sulphur. Blending deathcore with just the right amount of blackened elements, the band have unleashed an absolute fucking monster in the form of six tracks known as "Blackwind." You'd be a fool to pass on these guys, since this EP is about to put these guys on the map as they blow up - mark my words.

Kicking off the album is "Serpenthyne" that quietly and calmly builds and builds until it just erupts into this absolutely mental chug fest of angry guitars, insane vocals and wicked drums to back it all up. It's the perfect song to open up a live set, as the tension it creates before it unleashes into what is sure to be a mosh-fest is relentless. "Serpenthyne" is just a tease of the blackened deathcore you'll get from these guys on the album, with its groovy guitars that will undoubtedly get your head bobbing. These guys have really crafted this sound that feels like an even more sinister and dark take on the everyday deathcore sound, and it fucking slays. "Psychovangelist" continues the mayhem as it wastes no time getting to the heavy; pounding drums and those straight-outta-hell vocals will definitely grab you by the horns as this one starts, but once those guitars really kick in, all it does is up the awesome. The vocals bounce between these demonic as fuck lows and these shrieks that sound straight out of some good ol' black metal: a most perfect combination of devastating growls and haunting highs. If you're a fan of breakdowns, don't fear, because Drown in Sulphur hooked it the fuck up with some seriously crushing breakdowns that'll make you want to beat the piss out of your friends - always a good thing in this genre. "Blackwind" - the title track off the EP - may not be a new song, but a year later, it's just as much of a banger as I thought it was when it first dropped. It's melodic opening leads into a sick groove that leads into a gnarly breakdown type sound, as the vocalist pounds out his iconic vocal style of growls. It's nothing short of absolute sickness from the Italian dudes, with vocal parts that sound super reminiscent of former Chelsea Grin vocalist Alex Koehler at times, and I mean that in the best way possible. "Blackwind" has probably become my favorite song off this record, and I think if there's a song to win anyone over with off this EP, this is gonna be the one. The second half of the "Blackwind" EP sees just as much intensity, talent, and devastation as the first half. After a very brief, peaceful, and melodic intermission in the form of "Sulphur," the band pick it right the fuck back up with "Nuclear Dawn," - nearly five minutes of mesmerizing deathcore goodness. This tracks got it all, and it's some of the most seriously damning and devastating metal ever. It's a rollercoaster of action as the song leads you through intense, slow breakdowns before they pick up the pace into this sick death metal sound. The breakdown at the end of the song is also super fucking incredible and intense as hell; you don't want to skip this track. "Moths" closes out the EP, and contained within is probably one of the heaviest breakdowns you're going to hear all summer. It's another track that builds into its sound, and between the blast beats, those damning vocals and groovy ass guitars, "Moths" is sure to become a fan favorite, without a doubt. The ending to the song is the perfect way to bring the album to a close.

Words cannot describe how anticipated this EP was from fans (myself included) who have been patiently waiting for Drown in Sulphur to release more content. "Blackwind" more than delivers with its tracklist, bringing some truly ruthless, wicked new sounds to the sometimes stale deathcore genre. It feels like the band knew what sound it was they were going for with this release and took their time to figure out how to achieve that sound because - as they say - the proof is in the pudding, and "Blackwind" is a force to be reckoned with. It's packed from beginning to end with that blackened sound we love with the deathcore sound we crave, blended into one haunting collection of songs. An outstanding album that delivers on every front - this just came out and I'm already craving more.

Check out the video below for "Moths," and if you dig what you hear be sure to check out the band on Facebook, Bandcamp, and their webstore!