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Disentomb - The Decaying Light

It's been five long years since "Misery" by Australia's DISENTOMB was released - which totally justifies the amount of hype and excitement that has been surrounding their brand new release "The Decyaing Light" that was cast upon us earlier this month. The anticipation has been quickly building and slowly killing fans from all walks of death metal life, and the albums release was most definitely one of my own personal most anticipated of the year so far. Disentomb have always had this unique, destructive, and crushing sound that has clearly influenced many but has never been replicated, which is part of the reason so many fans who love some good brutal death metal have fallen in love with the Australian dudes in the band. "The Decaying Light" picks up where "Misery" left off five years ago, delivering crushing blow after crushing blow across thirteen devastating tracks of pure metal. It's arguably going to be one of the defining records of summer 2019 - and possibly the year - so it's one you're definitely not going to want to skip on.

Out now on Unique Leader Records (who are also fucking crushing it this year), "The Decaying Light" contains this massive, overwhelming atmospheric sound that surrounds Disentomb's classic brutal death metal sound - it's a feature that is truly unique to the band that will always make you recognize one of their songs, as it's a sound that Disentomb has always brought to their previous records as well. The album begins with "Collapsing Skies" - which sets the overall tone of the album from the get-go with just this massive fucking sound and powerful guitars before the punishing drums and decimating vocals kick in to bring the band into full force. Armed with blast beats and those sick wailing guitar tones, it is the perfect into into the chaos that is about to unfold in the tracks that follow, including "Your Prayers Echo Into Nothingness" - one of the tracks the band teased prior to the albums release. It is a relentlessly heavy song that was a perfect choice to leak to listeners, since it does a great job at proving just how sickening "The Decaying Light" gets. The track packs one hell of a punch filled with unforgiving and unending, crushing guitars and blast fucking beats that we wish could go on forever. The band also brought in legendary Matti Way of Abominable Putridity to throw down on the track - and it's a pairing we didn't know we needed in our lives until we first heard it. Un-fucking-real. An instant lifetime favorite.

"The Decaying Light" honestly don't really let up at all throughout its thirteen songs; if anything, the songs get crazier, heavier and faster! Take "Centuries of Deluge" for example - it's a bloodbath of carnage as everything comes crashing at you all at once, and we can't get enough of it. If you like your metal fast, heavy, and truly wicked, Disentomb got you covered with this release. What makes "The Decaying Light" great - as with the bands previous albums - is that the overall sound of the entire record sounds like it all belongs together. In other words, every track flows into the next one effortlessly and flawlessly - there's no massively drastic changes in the sound of the songs that will make you go "oh this is sick" on one song and "wait what the hell is this" on another. The entire record sounds like it belongs together - and that's something that can definitely affect a listener's perception of an album, for sure. However, it's important to also note that that is not to say all the songs sound the same - far from it, actually! It's just that the grouping of songs go together great, which is something a lot of bands seem to miss, trying to spread their sound a little too widespread. Even on a song like "Invocation in the Cathedral of Dust" (that fucking intro tho) - where the band slows down the pace briefly - that dark, demanding sound grips you and refuses to release you, proving that the band don't need to continuously hammer total chaos into your head every single song. The powerful, knee-buckling sound is ever present even in the slowest of songs. But if fast and heavy are more your thing, Disentomb got you covered with songs like "Undying Dysphoria" (one of my favorites off the album), "Rebirth Through Excoriation" and "Droning Monoliths" - all songs of pure and utter chaos. Even in the final two minutes of the album on the close-out track "Withering" - an instrumental acoustic track - the dark undertones of "The Decaying Light" can be felt and will hit your core. It's an amazingly awesome record I just have not been able to shut off, and is proof that brutal death metal is alive and fucking well in 2019. It's a brilliant follow-up to 2014's "Misery," and as a fan of the band, was well worth the wait for it. "The Decaying Light" will continue to haunt us til the end of our days.

Check out the bands brand new music video for "Indecipherable Sermons of Gloom" below, and if you like what you hear be sure to check out the band on Facebook, Bandcamp, or their merch store!


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