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Halloween has a ton of things that make it fun: costumes, pumpkin carving,candy, and horror movies... but it's the haunted houses that pop up each year that really make October the best time of the year for me. We are always told "it's all fake" and that you're safe inside - but what if you're not?! HAUNT tells the story of a group of college kids who make their way into an "extreme" haunted house on Halloween night, which is supposed to play on the groups worst fears. After surrendering their cellphones and signing a waiver to get inside, things go from docile to deadly quickly as the house brings the meaning of true horror to life. Only the walls know the truth of what chaos and insanity lives within them, and it is upto the college kids to battle their way through the haunt and out of the house.

If the plot of Haunt reminds you of last year's Hell Fest, you wouldn't be too far off; the two films essentially share the same basic plot. The difference, however, is that Haunt feels a bit more bloody, a bit more sadistic, and a bit more gory. While the group of kids you'll meet in Haunt aren't very memorable, they definitely vibe very well between themselves and you'll undoubtedly find yourself rooting for them as they battle their way out of the fucked up haunted house. Writers Scott Beck & Bryan Woods (of A Quiet Place) and producer Eli Roth put together an entertaining, pretty exciting Halloween trip that will keep your attention as the attraction's actors deliver only tricks - no treats - to the college kids, as they try to fulfill their blood hunt. The twists and turns the group - and you, the viewer - will encounter inside of the walls of haunt make for a fun watch on a dark October night, and while the gore may not be over-the-top (like we love), it certainly adds an extra layer of flavor to the flick. Not going to lie, there were one or two instances throughout the movie where I yelled in shock; that's always a good sign a horror is doing a great job!

While Haunt may not be doing anything that's game-changing or award-winning, I highly recommend you throw it on your October watch-list for this year, as it's definitely one of the better flicks to come out this year in terms of Halloween fun. It takes an awesome concept and adds in those awesome twists, turns and maniacs to make a fun hour and a half. The haunts actors totally make the film just that much better - they're pretty fucked up. Haunt is definitely worth both your time and money this Halloween season, and let's hope none of the haunts we visit this year end up like this one!


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