Wednesday 13 - Necrophaze

Halloween has come early this year with the release of Wednesday 13's brand new album, Necrophaze! While Wednesday and his band of ghouls may not be the typical sound we cover here at Soulless Cult, their inspiration, lyrical themes and sound are all heavily influenced by one common thread we share: all things horror! As I mentioned two years ago in my review of his last album "Condolences," I've been following Wednesday since the start of the Murderdolls, and with every release I fall back in love with his tremendous discography. Necrophaze is no different; it's the best soundtrack to a horror movie and a Halloween party you could possibly get your hands on. Yet again, W13 has outdone himself in conjuring up something that is unique, catchy, and sounds awesome all at once. Many other artists would be able to do what Wednesday has done once, maybe twice, and still have it be creative and fresh; but "Necrophaze" is Wednesday's eighth full length just under his name - that's not even counting his other bands and extended play albums! And dare I say it... but "Necrophaze" feels like it might just be Wednesday's best album yet! There's a party... but bring your own blood!

The album kicks off with a very special intro by Alice Cooper; a remarkable feat for an artist so clearly inspired by the man himself. Cooper's spoken word intro cleverly leads into the opening title track with blaring guitars - an instant headbanger of a track! The wicked effects and Wednesday's iconic vocal style - clearly inspired by Cooper's long history - add this amazing element of sci-fi and rawness that is so unique to Wednesday 13 and can most definitely not be duplicated! The track is a most-excellent kick-off to the best Halloween soundtrack of the year. One of my favorite tracks, however, comes two songs later in the form of "ZODIAC," which is undoubtedly one of the most creative songs I've heard this entire year. Using a radio host-type sample throughout the track, "Zodiac" tells an amazing story from none other than the Zodiac killer! From the guitars to the samples, this track is a fucking banger; it may also just be me but it's at this point of the record that it feels like Necrophaze is a much heavier album than usual for W13. "Zodiac" is a heavy fucking song, one that would most definitely appeal to metal fans from all subgenres. The track that follows - "Monster" - has literally not left my head since the albums release; the song has this wickedly catchy chorus that Wednesday enlisted the help of Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil to add that extra layer of awesome. The riffs and chorus are so deadly addictive that you'll find that you, too, will be humming the song well after it ends.

While I've got a few favorites off Necrophaze, the best song off the record has to go to "Life Will Kill Us All," a track with the upbeat guitar riffs you'll find on his classic tracks like "Happily Ever Cadaver" and "I Walked With A Zombie." It has dark lyrics draped over this fun, light hearted, up beat riff that is just killer. Wednesday's got hundreds of tracks at this point, but he's still pushing out bangers like this one that just fucking nail it; and "Life Will Kill Us All" is further proof that he's still got this unbelievable sense of creativity blended with the spooky elements we all know and love. Further proof of that could be shown in tracks like "Tie Me a Noose" and "Bury the Hatchet," a punk-rock homage with a splash of horror. And the fun doesn't end there; when the end credits roll, Wednesday pulled together a killer W.A.S.P. cover of "Animal" alongside Alexi Laiho of Children of Bodom that closes out the album fantastically. Necrophaze pays an amazing homage to the movies, shows, and music of Wednesday's childhood, and it could be any more clear how fucking awesome his childhood must have been growing up on these. Necrophaze is, without a doubt, the strongest non-death metal I've come across all year, and it's one of W13's finest works in his impressively long history. Enter the Necrophaze - it's worth all of the time, money, and blood you can pour into it!!!