Spite - The Root of All Evil

SPITE have been fucking killing it with every release they put out; it gets angrier, it gets heavier, and it gets more and more violent - just the way we like it. And if you've found yourself lucky enough to catch them live, you know about the madness these five dudes bring to the stage. They've been on my top 10 favorite bands list pretty much since their self titled record came out, and I've found myself falling more and more in love with them as time goes on. But this album, my friends, this is something truly wicked, truly evil, and truly fucking angry like we've never seen before. This is The Root of All Evil - the brand new eleven track masterpiece put together by Spite and released on Stay Sick - and it is Spite in their finest display of musicianship and mentality. Spite have yet again raised the bar with their new release, and it is - without a doubt - their most in-your-face, relentlessly evil work to date. And I mean that in the best fucking way possible. Don't skip out on this record.

From the very first few seconds of The Root of All Evil until the very last, this album is jam packed with everything you want and need from Spite: aggressive tones with drum work to match, knee-buckling breakdowns and vocals that are out of this fucking world (if you know, you know). There is no letting up on this album; the beating your eardrums take will continue the entire duration of the album (and you'll love it). Vocalist Darius Tehrani really goes fucking nuts on the record, with his iconic varying range of screams and gutturals that he's become known for. The guitarists really back him up and deliver crushing blow after crushing blow of pure insanity. From opening track "Reign in Hell" to "Incarcerated" to the mosh-inducing instrumental "Doom," The Root of All Evil is a straight up murderfest of aggression, and it plays a tremendous role in why this band and their music are so fucking good. Nobody is writing with this type of intensity, this type of blood, sweat and tears going into each and every note. Since the beginning, Spite haven't hid the raw emotion that goes into all of their songs and the case is no different with this release: check out songs like "Deadset," "Judgement Day" and even "Killzone" and you'll perfectly understand where this statement comes from.

I cannot recommend The Root of All Evil enough; it's breakdowns will make you want to destroy the world around you and the intensity will pull raw energy out of your soulless body. It's a need-to-be-heard collection of some of the best Spite tracks - a must have for every deathcore fan out there. Spite pushed boundaries with this album - that is clear - and the finished product is absolute madness.