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Into The Dark: Pilgrim

Seasonal horror movies are some of the most fun movies in the genre, simply because they get so creative in turning a holiday into a horror. When it comes to today's big celebration - Thanksgiving - most people will talk about the now notorious Thankskilling and Poultrygeist movies are for their weirdness and creativity. This year, however, a new film emerges as part of Hulu's Into The Dark series simply entitled PILGRIM that is here to steal the show when it comes to holiday horror movies. As a part of the series, its a Blumhouse production that takes Thanksgiving back to its roots and teaches us the ever important lesson of being grateful for what we have... or else! It's an absolutely brilliant and bloody good time, and it now ranks high on my list of go-to holiday movies. If you have a Hulu subscription, don't miss the opportunity to learn some lessons from a real life pilgrim this year in the hilariously epic new Into The Dark film PILGRIM.

Pilgrim tells the story of a family of four during Thanksgiving, where mother Anna hires a "real life" Pilgrim couple to come to their house to essentially put on a show and to help educate the family about the history of Thanksgiving. Anna's step-daughter Cody (Reign Edwards, who you may recognize from Hell Fest) is constantly butting heads with Anna, so when it comes time to break the wishbone, Cody's wish of Anna's production backfiring on her comes true as the two pilgrims - Ethan and Patience - show up early, make themselves at home, and refuse to leave. Thanksgiving this year takes a dark and doomed turn south when the family's lesson of appreciation turns into a bloody mess for everyone involved. What's a better way to bring a family closer together on Thanksgiving than to battle an evil cult of pilgrims?! The answer is nothing - and Pilgrim is here to prove that fact!

This film is probably one of the most fun movies I've watched in all of 2019; it's got a great premise, it does a fantastic job telling its story, the acting is kick-ass, the soundtrack is horrifyingly awesome and honestly, everything is just so well done. Not really knowing what to expect at first, the movie is a little odd at first, but once it gets going, it gets going! As the pilgrims move in and begin their mind games and brutal torture rituals, the family must come together to take them down, and isn't that what Thanksgiving is all about?! While the film isn't exactly a horror comedy, some of its crazy antics will definitely get you laughing as the movie really begins to take off. Oh, and let's not forget the brutality that Pilgrim delivers: from torture to murder, this film will undoubtedly satisfy the blood thirst in you with its fun kills. Pilgrim is just a dark, twisted Thanksgiving film done right, and I cannot recommend it enough this Thanksgiving!! Only downside is its a Hulu exclusive, so if you don't have a subscription you won't be able to watch it, but it's definitely worth starting one or at least a free trial, cause its that bloody good! Check it out!


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