I'm a sucker for movies with giant, oversized versions of animals or giant animals fighting; I blame my early love affair with Godzilla films for this sick obsession. So when I stumbled upon a movie simply titled BOAR, you know I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into it. Judging by the trailer and the brief synopsis on the listing, Boar sounded like a fairly simple story: a tremendous pig terrorizes a bunch of people in the Australian outback. And wouldn't you know it... that's exactly what the film entails and it is fucking phenomenal in almost every way. If you're a fan of somewhat cheesy monsters, remarkable special effects, and buckets of blood, Boar's got you covered! It's simple storyline makes it a perfect candidate for a great film, simply because it knows what it is, and doesn't try too hard to be something it's not. And that's a big part of the reason this film rules: it's a huge pig killing people, with awesome kills, plenty of thrills, and an abundance of on-screen time for the creature itself. Boar is the first horror to kick off 2020 here at Soulless Cult, and we chose a ridiculously awesome one to begin the new year.

Written and directed by Chris Sun, Boar has a few smaller scale stories that the movie jumps between before tying them together towards the end of the film. But to sum it all up, a bunch of people end up out in the harsh Australian outback where a bloodthirsty, ruthless oversized boar with massive tusks terrorizes the groups as they attempt to fight back at the creature. As you could imagine, taking down a hideous beast like this one isn't exactly easy, and it's not going to go down without spilling some human blood first. As a family heads out to the outback for a day of relaxation out by the river, the boar senses their intrusion into its territory and is on a mission to kill. Like I said, a fantastically awesome basis for a fantastically gruesome film!

While all of the casting for this movie was great, there's two characters in particular who really stuck out the entire film that I'm sure other viewers will agree are the best in the movie: Bernie (played by Nathan Jones) and Ken (played by John Jarratt). Bernie is this lovable, macho man who is an absolute beast and doesn't hesitate to jump into action to fight for his family, and Ken is an older gentlemen who goes out into the outback with his buddy Blue to get fucked up, only to come across a camp site that's been covered in body parts and blood by the boar. The reason Ken really stuck with me throughout the movie was his fatherly instinct to jump in and help when he saw the camps have been overtaken by the pig, and to help identify, save, and lay to rest the bodies of the campers as he awaited backup from Blue. A totally lovable character who unfortunately doesn't get enough on screen time! But honestly, all the characters have their role in this simple story, and aside from one or two, they all assist in making Boar a wild adventure.

The pig itself looks fucking unbelievable; it's a good part of the reason why I needed to see this movie as soon as possible. Aside from one horrendous scene at the end, it appears all of the boar appearances were actual practical effects and not overly produced CGI. That one scene at the end can be overlooked just because of how gnarly the rest of the scenes look, but I'm definitely happy the team behind this movie went for practical effects over CGI; say what you will, but special effects will always produce a better production! Regardless, this thing is fucking ugly, its fucking tremendous, and it's fucking bloodthirsty: a true recipe for disaster for the poor Australians out there hoping for a nice quiet day out in the wilderness. Everytime the boar made its appearance on screen, I was physically on the edge of my seat in anticipation for insane slaughter was about to go down next, and that is all the proof I needed that Boar is an insanely awesome movie.

Buy it, rent it, do whatever it is you gotta go - just see this movie. I cannot recommend it enough - and the best part is, it's not even one of those "it's so bad, it's good" movies like I'm sure plenty of people probably expect; if you're just a fan of oversized, savage animal movies, Boar is going to be right up your alley. And just remember... in the outback, no one can hear you squeal!