Bonehill Road

What does all of the best horror movies ever have? The correct answer is hungry monsters, buckets of blood, plenty of guts, a crazed psychopath who cheesy lines, and for bonus points, a great set of breasts. If any - or better yet, if all - of that is up your alley, say hello to your new favorite indie horror: BONEHILL ROAD. Written and directed by Todd Sheets (who has an incredible history within the genre), Bonehill Road is a no-nonsense werewolf movie that pays homage to all of the great werewolf movies that came before it. Utilizing all practical effects and no cgi bullshit, the film takes on a terrifying life of its own as nighttime falls and evil - both human and not - comes to life to terrorize a young girl and her mother. The film was crowdfunded and became a tremendous success; hard proof that there's still a hardcore following for films like this one. And boy, am I glad this project came to life: Bonehill Road is probably the most fun I've had watching a movie since first seeing Hatchet with Kane Hodder. Don't let the first part of the movie fool you: as it sets up its storyline and places its characters where they need to be, things will feel slow moving... but I promise you, the hellish nightmare you're about to watch these two women endure is well worth the patience you put into it! Bonehill Road is an absolute must-see for anybody who grew up watching monster movies or for those who have a serious bloodlust; the film more than delivers on every aspect and it's fucking awesome.

The plot is short and simple, just how we like it: Emily (Eli DeGeer) and her daughter Eden (Ana Rojas-Plumberg) have hopped in their car and are running away from their abusive drunk husband/father. As they are on their way to Emily's father's house where they can stay until they figure everything out, the girls think they may have hit an animal with the car, and after checking for an injured animal, they head back on the road until they suddenly end up in a ditch, hitting a tree. From here, things only get worse as the werewolves begin to make their appearance. The women run off down the road until they make it to a house where other women (including the legendary Linnea Quigley) have been tied up by lunatic Coen (Douglas Epps) - and this is where things really begin to hit the fan. Without giving too much away, let me just say, what follows is more blood, guts and gore than you could hope for - and it's all paired up nicely alongside some seriously sinister werewolf scenes. It doesn't get much more simple - yet gory - than this!

I love everything about Bonehill Road. From the werewolf scenes to the transformation scenes (which will make your skin crawl) to the brutal, over-the-top killings to the cheesy lines, practical effects and even the landscape scenes: everything about this film screams top-tier homemade horror. The werewolves themselves look absolutely stunning, there's a handful of them and they all have their own looks and features, even colors, and they look incredible. The film shows plenty of teeth and drooly-mouths from the beasts which is fucking sick, it makes for some great shots. You'll find yourself eagerly awaiting their next appearance on screen, hoping for some more shocking assaults. But believe it or not, some of the most brutal shit in the film doesn't involve the werewolves at all! Coen - a creepy ass psycho killer - is out there in the middle of nowhere tying chicks up and presumably doing weird shit to them. Some of the most fantastically gory content I've seen in years comes from the scenes he's in, and even if you don't like werewolf movies, give Bonehill Road an hour and a half of your time even if its just to see Coen and the crazy stuff that goes down. Either way, the films got something any horror fan is going to love. The acting isn't the best and the added in sound effects are highly amusing, but this film will leave you begging for more, more, more!

If you can't tell by now, Bonehill Road is an absolutely epic flick, and I cannot recommend enough people getting their hands on this. Skip the rental option and go straight to buying it, because trust me, this is one you're going to want to go back to multiple times to catch all the fantastic guts that get spilled all over the floor. Oh, and make sure you stick around after the credits roll, there's an extra seriously awesome scene you do not want to miss out on. Check this one out!