Lorna Shore - Immortal

Arguably one of the most anticipated deathcore albums of all time is the follow up to a game-changing album that was released back in 2017 entitled "Flesh Coffin." That's right, Lorna Shore's brand new album IMMORTAL has finally been unleashed upon the masses after months and months of teasing new material and some eerie silence from the band over the course of the last year or so. But it's here, and it is fucking glorious. Friends of mine know that I've always held Lorna Shore in the highest regard ever since I first stumbled upon the Maleficium EP years ago; and now, the bands most ambitious, threatening, powerful and intense record to date has finally seen the light of day, and it is nothing short of an absolute masterpiece of a record. These ten tracks are some of the most trying and perfectly crafted songs in their entire discography, so I'm happy to say that the seemingly-endless wait between Flesh Coffin and Immortal was well worth every second; this album is breathing new life into the blackened deathcore genre of aggressive music, and Lorna Shore are the presiding kings.

The best way to describe this album is simple: epic. From the blaring, relentless guitars and the perfectly brutal drums, to the iconic demonic vocal style of former vocalist CJ McCreery and the undeniably awesome samples, Immortal is jam packed with epicness from the very beginning to until the final moment of the album. Take the seriously intense opening and title track: it's seven minutes of some of the craziest shit we've ever heard from Lorna Shore. The best part is the album really does sincerely have something for everybody; whether you're into melodic guitars, fast and crazy songs, slow and mental tracks, black metal elements and of course - our favorite - brutal fucking breakdowns, Lorna Shore packed all of these elements into a nice, neat little package entitled Immortal, and it's truly unlike anything we've ever heard before. The massive backing choir samples you'll find scattered around the album add this fucking insane epicness to each track - something I can't recall any band like LS doing before.

Immortal really is the accumulation of some of the finest talent in the death metal genre; going track by track numerous times, you're going to find something new to each song every single time. I don't know how the fuck they did it, but they managed to write banger after banger after banger. Five of the tracks we heard prior to the release of the album, and they are hands down some of the finest written songs this genre has seen in well over a decade; but the finest songs are the ones we didn't even get to hear until after the albums release. Without a doubt, my new obsession is the track "Obsession" - any chance I can get, I find myself eager to revisit the song. But even songs like "Warpath of Disease" and "Misery System" are just so goddamn fucking absurd. There's not a single boring, dull, or uneventful part on this entire album. It truly is a fucking masterpiece in every sense of the word. Flesh Coffin - to this day - is still one of my favorite records of all time, and I know it's still pretty early to say it, but I'm not entirely sure it's going to be possible for anyone to top Immortal in terms of creativity blended with sheer brutality this year. Lorna Shore have perfected their sound, perfected their writing, perfected their execution, and they've truly written an undeniable beast of an album.

Immortal is a game changer. Not just for the band, but for heavy music in general. Nobody has written anything nearly as perfect as this album before, with this epic sound that somehow managed to top one of the genres best albums ever. Lorna Shore are - at least in my book - the face of deathcore going into 2020 and Immortal will be just that: immortal. Do not skip this fucking record. Buy it, stream it, steal it: do whatever the fuck you gotta do to get your hands on it.