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Valentine's Day is (for better or for worse) here again, and if you and your loved one are looking for something special to do tonight, might I recommend a rental of the newly released CUPID? Written and directed by Scott Jeffrey, Cupid - from the get-go - takes the mascot of today's holiday and tells the true, dark history surrounding his backstory, and shows a perfect example of why you don't want to be struck by his arrow this February 14th. Incredibly well made, told, and written, once Cupid gets going, it gets going; filled with plenty of blood, outrageous kills and sweet, sweet revenge. Holiday-based movies could be hit or miss, but there's no doubt about it that Jeffrey's new movie has now forever found a place in our Valentine's Day watch-list with probably the most fun you can have with the winged, arrow shooting creature known as Cupid. So if you're looking to spend your V-Day at home this year, or looking for the perfect movie to set the mood for tonight, look no further than Cupid, available now to rent and purchase on VOD services!

Cupid's mythological backstory in the film - in short - is that he falls in love, his jealous mother tries to keep them apart, and she causes Cupid to poison his lover, causing him to forever curse love and destroy all the lovers. Cupid joins forces with the God of Death himself and together, they vow to end love at any cost. Fast forward to present day, and poor highschooler Faye (played by Georgina Jane) has been getting horrendously tortured by fellow classmate Elise (Sarah T. Cohen) and her gang of cronies. When their pranks finally cross the line and go way too far, Faye's dabbling in black magick causes her to summon Death to the school, and after agreeing to his terms, Death sends forth the Destroyer of Love - Cupid - to do just that: destroy love and all who enjoy it. Adorned with his giant wings, bow and arrow, and terrifying silence, Cupid goes on a murdering spree of Faye's classmates, and the only way to put an end to his reign of terror is to either survive the 24 hours that make up February 14th, or sacrifice someone to Death. Will love prevail, or will Cupid consume all things l-o-v-e?!

Honestly, there's nothing not to love about this movie. I know that's a lot to say, but it's seriously awesome from beginning to end. If you're a fan of dark twists on modern day folklore, Cupid will more than deliver fun blow after blow, and you'll find yourself in the midst of a gore-filled Valentine's Day. Everything from Cupid's backstory and his look, to the characters and the kills (especially the kills) is top notch; everything is excellently written and executed, and it honestly just makes for one great horror flick. The biggest win for me for this film isn't even the terrifying, demonic appearance of Cupid, it's the kills that he delivers that are bad fuckin' ass, and let me tell you why; while there aren't an over-the-top amount of kills in the film (since the story doesn't really leave the highschool at all), it's the quality of the kills that make it epic. And they are top quality kills because they are Valentine's Day-themed kills - which is EXACTLY what I want in holiday films like these. Don't get me wrong, I love films like Silent Night, Deadly Night as much as the next horror guy, but it always felt disappointing because there wasn't enough themed kills. There's so much potential to do really insane themed kills, and it just feels like nobody ever goes for it. Not Cupid - oh no - every kill is perfectly crafted and themed to the holiday of love, and if even if that's all you are interested in getting out of a movie, Cupid's definitely got it, and they are awesome. Kudos has to go to Jeffrey for that simple concept that so many holiday-themed movies never got right.

Cupid and his backstory are flat out awesome, and it's the most perfect way to tie Cupid into a horror movie. What's even more fun is the incorporation of Death into the film, and having Cupid be one of his demons. When Cupid finally makes his terrifying appearance on screen, you simply don't want him to leave; every time his silent but deadly face shows up, blood and death aren't far behind, so you know you're in for some bloody action! Bao Tieu portrays Cupid in the film, and he does an absolutely phenomenal job with his creepy movements and actions; I'm telling you, you're not going to want to blink and miss any of his on-screen time or any of his epic, blood filled kills. I don't think anybody can really argue that the production of Cupid (along with his kills) feels cheap or underwhelming, because they are, in fact, the total opposite: they feel top notch and amazing.

As far as the non-Cupid related storyline goes, it's nothing too crazy, but definitely some messed up shit goes down to poor Faye that will have you totally siding with her when she summons the demon. Elise is a miserable bitch of a character who takes all of her misery out on Faye, and I don't think anyone can blame Faye for what she does in the film. Some pretty fun storytelling and some truly vile pranks makes for a great tie-in to bringing Cupid into the school to fuck some shit up. The cast are all pretty great - including the various friends and teachers that make appearances in the film - and do a pretty wicked job going up against Death and his demon Cupid. Like I said, there's nothing really not to love about this film; it's probably one of the most fun holiday horrors out there, and if you're a fan of badass kills as much as we are, Cupid will also be on your watchlist every Valentine's Day from now on, just like us. Exceptionally well written and executed, Cupid will have you feeling ok about being alone this hallmark holiday. Do yourself a favor and spend the couple of bucks this weekend to check this flick out, I'm pretty sure you're gonna love it as much as I did!


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