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Suicide Silence - Become The Hunter

A band that needs no introduction - California's own SUICIDE SILENCE - are back after three years with their brand new offering "Become The Hunter" which is, flat out, probably their best album since The Cleansing when it comes to beginning-to-end bangers. The band's self titled album released a few years ago was met with a ridiculous amount of criticism regarding the experimental sound the band played around with, and by criticism, I mean hate. Even though the songs sounded absolutely mental live, the recordings just didn't do it for a lot of people. So in a way, Become The Hunter is the bands chance to step back into a sound they know works for them and a sound they know the people want and desire, and like I said, it's one of the bands strongest releases in their entire history. Recently released on Valentine's Day, Become The Hunter is comprised of eleven heart-pounding tracks of the classic Suicide Silence deathcore sound, and from the breakdowns to Eddie Hermida's iconic vocal style, this thing is a fucking monster. If you were questioning whether or not this album is worth your time, allow me to reiterate: the boys are fucking back, and possibly better than ever.

The first few tracks off the album - Meltdown, Two Steps, Feel Alive and Love Me To Death - were all released for our listening pleasure prior to the albums release, and I gotta admit it: I jammed the everloving shit out of all of them leading up to the February 14th release date. Pretty much immediately, I knew these tracks contained in them the sound I love about Suicide Silence. The kick-off track Meltdown is a badass instrumental build-up with thrashing guitars and a gnarly breakdown to lead you right into the madness that is Two Steps. It's a perfect way to kick off the album, getting you bobbing your head and preparing you for the commanding guitar that kicks off Two Steps. It isn't long into the track that those pipes of Hermida are shoved right down your fucking throat, and it's proof that the dude's still fucking got it. Leave all preconceived notions you may have about the album because of the self titled album at the door, because these tracks are downright dirty. Skip ahead to "Love Me To Death" if you're still questioning it: it immediately kicks off into a circle-pit inducing build up before those crushing guitars, pounding drums and demonic ass vocals kick in. The high-pitched shrieks pack a mean ass punch that will sucker punch you right in your gut - and I mean that in the best way possible. As the guitars continue to chug away and the vocals pound away at your core all throughout the album, it will take you back to albums like The Black Crown and No Time To Bleed in terms of sound - a sound we all have grown to love as they become timeless. The blending of nu-metal sounds and modern day deathcore makes for one hell of a sound like on tracks "Death's Anxiety" and "Disaster Valley." If you're a fan of fast, punishing, and wild running instrumentals, Become The Hunter will knock you flat on your ass. It's seriously sinister. The closing title track has a little extra flavor to it, as the band brings in the unstoppable Darius Tehrani of Spite, who only adds to the carnage on the album. The headbanging track will get your blood pumping as it chizzles at your eardrums as you approach the final breakdown of the album; a mind-numbing descent into hell you could only expect from a song combining the likes of Suicide Silence and Spite. It's a destined-for-notoriety track that excellently closes out one of the band best releases to date.

Put aside your previous feelings about Suicide Silence and embrace the shit out of Become The Hunter, and you'll be adorning yourself with some of the best classic deathcore jams from some of the dudes who created this sound to begin with. Don't skip over this one, and don't push it aside.


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