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A Nun's Curse

Horror films that have a basis in religion always catch my eye; over the last few years we've been doing Soulless, we've looked at countless nun and religious nut films, and they usually always make for a pretty great watch. Such is the case with the new film A NUN'S CURSE; I've been pretty hyped all week to finally get a chance to sit down and watch this, and I gotta admit, this film is fun. A Nun's Curse was written and directed by Tommy Faircloth, and they enlisted the help of one of horror's favorite women - Felissa Rose - to help bring this wicked nun story to life, and it's a pretty awesome story that translates really well to film! While A Nun's Curse isn't anything groundbreaking or game-changing, that's not what we look for when it comes to horror: we look for bloody, gory screams and scary ghost stories, and with A Nun's Curse, you get a little bit of both! The film is short, sweet, simple and stunning - it doesn't need to go over the top to tell its story, and it does so with some really beautiful shots throughout. If you're a fan of spooky stories, evil nuns and oblivious young adults, make sure to add A Nun's Curse to your watch list this weekend for seventy three minutes of fun!

A group of friends are on their way to a weekend getaway when they stop along the way so Ashley-Kae (fantastically played by Erika Edwards) can do some local historical site photography of old church ruins. Once they arrive there, Ashley shares the legend of Sister Monday - an evil nun who worked at the church that once stood where they stand now. Rumor has it Sister Monday was sent to a nearby jail after the church went up in flames, and it was there that she was suspected of killing inmates who were doomed to death - although she disappeared into thin air before she could ever be charged for anything. After the car keys get lost, the group decide to spend the night in the jail where Sister Monday apparently committed her murders until the following morning when they can get help. That night, things go from spooky to haunting as Sister Monday terrorizes the group and leaves some of them a bloody mess, while the others just face the fears they held since childhood.

It's a pretty great little backstory for a pretty sinister sounding nun, and the film ups the scare factor when Felissa Rose makes her appearance as Sister Monday, where she touts communion wafers, the "blood of Christ" wine, oh, and this sweet fucking crucifix that turns into a fucking knife - probably one of my favorite parts of the movie! Rose plays this super intimidating, sadistic and downright evil nun exceptionally well, and her hold over the four friends gets tighter and tight as the film plays out, until the last thirty minutes when shit just hits the fan. It's a relatively slow build up until that point, but the pay off once your there is well worth the time and money you've invested into the film. While the other three in the group - Anthony (Damian Maffei), Michael (Gunner Willis), and Gabby (Kristi Ray) - are hard to make any type of connection with, Ashley-Kae is actually a character I feel a lot of people might be able to briefly resonate with and appreciate the stuff she says and does. The dialogue from the actors felt pretty natural and not forced, so the movie doesn't feel cheap or tacky in any way (besides maybe a few nun-puns thrown throughout, which my cheesy ass loved). And not to take anything away from them, but it's the look and manic vibes from Sister Monday that totally make this film the sick movie it is.

Believe it or not, there was even some stuff thrown into the film that totally caught me off guard. There's some twists and even some slaughterin' that took me by surprise, and it only enhanced the movie for me. Like I said, A Nun's Curse took me by surprise in terms of plot, quality, and production. Faircloth put together a great little spooky story that was shared between father and daughter, and turned it into an obsession and living nightmare for Ashley-Kae. And when she finally gets to confront her fear of the evil nun, things take a turn you just don't expect. The movie isn't crazy over-the-top and obnoxious, it's just a good old scary story turned nightmare, and it was done really fucking well. While I don't see a rewatch in my near future, the film is most definitely worth both your time and money investments to check out at least once, even if it's just to see Felissa Rose as a sinister nun. But I'm pretty confident movie-goers will be able to leave with an appreciation for a lot more than just Roses' performance. A Nun's Curse is a fun, halfway-to-Halloween adventure perfect for a weekend night locked inside your home!


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