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Infection (Infección)

The whole Covid-19 situation going on in the world today has many people worried about viruses, infections and death - for obvious reasons. Before this whole thing started - throughout all of 2019 - a Spanish zombie film made its way to horror fans simply called "Infection" that kinda dictates a lot of what is going on today, minus the whole flesh-consuming zombie hordes running around the countryside. But the film has a rabies virus outbreak in Venezuela that quickly transforms the cities from that of the living to that of the dead. Infection was written by Flavio Pedota and Yeimar Cabral and directed by Pedota and is a seriously fast paced run through Venezuela with some of the fastest, most vicious infected "zombies" ever, and it makes for one hell of a ride. It's been a while since a decent zombie film made the rounds, but Infection will definitely give you a run for your money with a pretty in depth story, some really fantastic action shots, and characters you'll quickly emotionally connect with. If you're looking for an epic zombie outbreak film, look no further: Infection will deliver all of the bloodlust, fear, exhilaration and trauma you'll need to scratch that itch.

The film begins with patient zero of the rabies virus injecting himself with some sort of drug that very quickly changes him from a typical drug addict to a bloodthirsty, rabid "zombie" like creature who begins attacking and biting. One bite turns into two bites, two bites into four bites, four into eight and before you know it, Venezuela is plagued with an epidemic outbreak and hordes of lifeless zombies roam the streets waiting to bite and turn another victim. The film follows Adam (Rubén Guevara) - a doctor who is on a mission to get across the countryside to find his son Miguel amidst the plague going on outside. His doctor skills come in handy as he travels with his neighbor Johnny (Leonidas Urbina) as they are forced to fend off hordes of the infected, brace themselves for encounters with the healthy, and somehow get Adam to his son who is staying with his grandparents. The pair go through hell to stay alive and not get bit as masses of infected roam the Earth. Will Adam make it to his son in time, or will his son succumb to the infection and become one of the zombies?! Find out in... INFECTION!

Infection starts off awesome right from the get-go; the film doesn't hide where the virus starts from and immediately shows you its ravenous effects it has on humans. The infection spreads quickly, making its way throughout Venezuela pretty quickly, and in the midst of all of this, this story begins to unfold about Adam and his family and their story. The film immediately sets the stage for the next hour and a half of ruthless bloodshed, feasting on the healthy and Adam's dreadful journey out of his home and on the long road out of the city to hopefully find his son unaffected. The film is beautifully shot with some really amazing views and camera angles - but it doesn't just look awesome, the infected are some of the most sinister, evil looking and acting zombies we've seen in a long time. They have this empty, dead look on their face until they hear a noise that seems to trigger their instinct to hunt and kill. So while traveling the dangerous backroads, you also have to be sure to keep as quiet as possible - because one loud bang and every infected will be coming full fucking speech at you, relentlessly trying to tear away at your flesh.

Adam and Johnny make a pretty awesome team when it comes to getting shit done. They both seem to be on the same page, they know what has to be done and what is at stake. They make decisions that are best for the group, even when they are hard decisions. Rubén Guevara in particular steals the shows with his facial expressions that speak more than he ever needed to in the film; you can sense his feeling of despair, dread, fear, and longing for his son all with just one glance at his eyes. He makes for a total badass - always trying to do what's right and trying to help everyone out, even knowing the world has now become a dog-eat-dog world. He has to do some pretty ugly shit to ensure he stays alive, because he wants to ensure his son does too. The way they tie Adam into the overall storyline and epidemic is really well told and plays out great - but the ending they crafted is a truly beautiful, emotional ending that totally makes the time invested in the film worth it. While the film isn't loaded up with guts and gore, the savagery is no doubt there and the ending is heartwarming - maybe a little predictable if you're paying close enough attention, but heartwarming. If zombie films are your thing, I'd definitely recommend giving Infection a try this weekend - it may not be anything you haven't seen before, but it's got a well told story and some pretty insane zombies that you'll surely appreciate. Infection was a great little gem I stumbled upon and sincerely enjoyed. Check it out!!


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