Blood Vessel

War horror movies have been popping up pretty frequently the last few years, with films like Overlord, Ghosts of War, and Werewolves of the Third Reich, and I'm admittedly not the biggest fan of this genre of horror, but after seeing the trailer for BLOOD VESSEL, I instantly knew this movie was going to be on my watch-list. After all, what could possibly go wrong with soldiers hopping aboard an Nazi ghost ship in the middle of the nowhere?! Little did they know, the ship wasn't inhabited by ghosts or even zombies... this ship has vampires! Director Justin Dix co-wrote the film alongside Jordan Prosser and they brought along a totally bad fuckin' ass cast to portray the soldiers, who were stuck on a life raft after their hospital ship was torpedoed. Blood Vessel tells a pretty unique, engaging story that will grip you from the beginning, but honestly, that's not even what holds you the entire hour and a half of its runtime; the film has this really dark, ominous tone (and visual) that honestly... never really lifts. And that really sets this unsettling atmosphere as the crew navigate around the Nazi warship, searching for answers and ways to get home. Unfortunately for them, their problems get a whole lot worse when they find out they are far from alone. I wouldn't be recommending a period horror like Blood Vessel if it wasn't filled with some great spooks or an excellent payoff - so if the trailer looks even somewhat entertaining to you, I cannot recommend this movie enough! If nothing else, the terror the crew find on the ship will be worth your time and money enough, I promise!

As the life raft floats in the middle of the ocean, pretty packed out with army men (and woman) from all different backgrounds and careers, they suddenly come face to face with a seemingly-abandoned ghost ship... proudly waving a Nazi flag on its mast. The group decide - well, some of the group - that the risk is worth it to jump aboard the vessel and attempt to overtake it from the Nazis so that they can get to shore. The task is successful, however once they make it on board, things just don't seem... right. The ship seems abandoned and purposely left that way; that is, until the crew discover a young girl named Mya is still alive on the ship, leading them around and acting slightly erratic. As the crew uncover some seriously fucked up corpses all around the vessel, the truth about what happened on the warship begins to come to light as vampires are awakened on board! Will the soldiers be able to survive the night and destroy the bloodthirsty villains, or will ancient evil prevail and rise to power yet again?! Find out in... BLOOD VESSEL!

If that plot doesn't sound sick to you, I don't know what to say - it's told really well, the story is really well developed and it plays out fantastically. Some viewers may find the film off to a bit of a slow start, just because it does take a little bit for the action to kick off, but once it does I promise you you're in for a treat. The film has a story it has to set up that can't be done in the first five minutes, but your patience will go a long way as soon as the crew stumble upon their first decimated corpse. The special effects in the film - from the absolutely bludgeoned Nazi officers to the ancient undead evil in their breathtaking coffins below deck - can only be described as extraordinary. The vampires look unbelievable and their scenes are undeniably awesome. What really pushes the film to be so good is the just right amount of violence so that it's not boring because of a lack of, and it's not just an overkill of fighting. For a film that has a really dark and eerie tone to its story, the movie does a good job at making sure the storyline progresses and doesn't stagnate in just violence. Loved it. Watching this at 3AM in the dark really helps this film play out with all of its creepiness as the crew navigate the ghost ship, all having different goals in mind: for some it's wealth and treasure, for others its an immediate attempt to rescued. But regardless of what they have in mind, the grim truth remains that they're stuck aboard a ship filled with SINISTER looking vampires and they gotta get the fuck off, asap.

Blood Vessel is absolutely worth both your time and money, and I honestly think you'll get a kick out of this wicked little story the movie tells. Thinking about Nazis utilizing vampires as a weapon of war is totally far out, but makes for a fantastic basis for a movie. Definitely give this one a watch - and as a friendly reminder, don't open any random fucking coffins you might come across in your travels, ya lunatics!