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Conjuring The Devil

Loyal followers of Soulless Cult know that we are not shy about our love for evil nun horror flicks; they make some of the best villains as they turn away from the light and into an evil path of darkness. Since the release of The Nun two years ago, we've seen an influx of evil nun movies - with none of them being outstanding but they are at least entertaining - and this week we add another to the list: Conjuring The Devil. And while I sincerely wanted to enjoy this newly released flick, I honestly struggled so hard to make it through the films exhausting two hour runtime - so much so, I had to split my viewing into two separate sessions just to keep from falling asleep. When you release a film entitled Conjuring The Devil and have a movie that doesn't really have anything to do with the devil and box art with a nun who looks terrifying but is actually pretty mediocre in its execution, you're already off to a pretty rough start. The movie - originally entitled Demon Nun - was written by Brian Schiavo and directed by Max Dementor and tells a pretty predictable story about a group of parishioners being haunted and hunted by an evil nun - not a whole lot to it. You can pretty much tell within the first fifteen minutes of the movie if you're going to be a fan of the movies grittiness and amateur filmmaking; and honestly, none of that even bothered me at all. As part of this project, it's almost my responsibility to watch amateur, independent horror films that look like they were shot for a college class. If that's going to bother you, Conjuring The Devil is definitely not going to be a film you'll enjoy. But if you can get past the awkward acting, the obnoxiously loud sound effects and the cheesy special effects (which I actually enjoyed), there's a whole story for you to unravel (which maybe unravels a bit too much) if you're willing to put the two hours worth of work into it. For a movie that feels like it goes on forever, it certainly doesn't feel like it goes anywhere - I guess that was my main issue with the movie. The film feels too drawn out with too much filler and not a good payoff. I'm certainly no stranger to longer horror films but the payoff has to be worth it, and it's unfortunate to report that it just isn't there for Conjuring The Devil. It's a shame to admit but this film just misses the mark and would be a waste of time for you to throw it on your October 2020 watchlist, honestly.

Conjuring The Devil follows the story of a bunch of church-goers that most traditional churches would normally condemn: LGBTQ members, reformed drug abusers, transgender members, and even a woman who had an abortion. The open and free church that they belong to gets a new priest assigned to it by the dioceses, and they appoint Monsignor Brock (Ken Driesslein) to take over the congregation that was previously led by Father Dalton (Nick DeMatteo). Monsignor Brock is pretty disgusted at how the church is open to people of all these different backgrounds, condemning their ways and saying that they are not welcome in the church until they revise their ways. So as the congregation turns against him - which is mostly led by a lesbian woman named Kate (Rebekah Madebach) - Monsignor Brock uses a sadistic and evil method of "correcting" the parish: he uses a whip and an incantation that summons an evil nun to haunt, hunt and kill those who Brock feels have turned their back on God and the church. As the parishioners begin to get picked off one by one, the police aren't entirely convinced an evil demon nun is the culprit, and they try to figure out Kate's role in the gory murders of her friends and fellowship members. Will Kate be able to prove that it actually is a demonic nun that killed all those people, or will she succumb to eternal punishment for the nun's actions?! Find out (or don't) in... Conjuring The Devil!

The first half of the film is boring, uneventful and just dull overall; it wouldn't surprise me to find out many people don't make it past the first half hour, let alone make it to the one hour mark. But like I said before, the film actually has some pretty fun and entertaining special effects in it tat mostly comes in the second half of the film. As Kate's friends begin to die off, their deaths are all quite shocking and the effects to make them die are pretty sweet. I actually got a lot of enjoyment watching knives fly around the room and impale people, and not ironically: it was legitimately some great indie fun. But unfortunately, no amount of cool flying objects can make up for the rest of the hour and 50 minutes of boring and drawn out footage. It feels like some of the scenes just go on and on and on, and yet they don't actually go anywhere. And when you throw in some really bad acting with it, your project is just doomed to turn people off. The quality of the movie feels like it's something my friends and I would make for a cheap YouTube channel - and that's not saying a lot. I really, really wish I could get some enjoyment out of this movie and be able to say it was worth the time and money put into it, but I'd be lying. Maybe if there hasn't been such an influx of great independent horror lately, I wouldn't be criticizing this film so hard but I don't know... please don't spend your money or time on this; there's much, much better evil nun films out there to please the little heathen inside you all.


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