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Halloween Party

With the best holiday of the year just three and a half weeks away, it's time to start thinking about all things Halloween: costumes, candy, haunted houses and of course, parties! But in the fantastic new horror flick HALLOWEEN PARTY - written and directed by Jay Dahl - it's not quite the party you're thinking of! It's another film bringing horror stories to life utilizing modern day technology - which is something we've been seeing a lot of with films like Host, Countdown, and APParition - but this one is different in the way it brings its terror: it's in the form of a Halloween themed meme! Going into the film I wasn't totally sure what to expect but as the credits began to roll, one thing was certain: this movie fucking rules. It's serious, it's funny, it's lighthearted, it's scary. Halloween Party manages to combine all of these elements, combined with a unique and entertaining storyline, to craft this really wicked and awesome experience. The film even has some twists and turns you definitely won't see coming, so the movie will absolutely keep you on your toes and engaged right until the very end. If you're looking for a new horror to add to your Halloween 2020 playlist that will give you something a little different than what you've been watching lately, Halloween Party is an absolutely must-have.

In an attempt to not give too much away, bare with the vagueness; Halloween Party follows the story of the cute college student Grace (played by Amy Groening) who unknowingly gets herself into just a bit of trouble as a Halloween meme spreads across campus and begins killing off students. Grace is first introduced to the virus when she was at her friends house and a cute, 90s-looking prompt opens on the computer - with her name - which asks the question: But what are you really afraid of? The user has just a minute to type in their biggest fear, and it has to be truth or else the prompt won't accept the answer. And you guessed it - what you type into the meme will haunt and kill you. But can a computer program really be this evil, or is there a more sinister evil that lay dormant in the dorms?! Grace teams up with fellow student and computer guru Spencer (who is nicknamed 'Special' - played by T. Thomason) and together, they try to figure out the secret behind the meme - and the dorm rooms - that is haunting the students there. What will the duo unearth in their mission to put an end to the deadly entity behind the meme? Find out in... HALLOWEEN PARTY!

So Halloween Party scores points with me for a few reasons. First off is definitely the creativity behind the concept of the film. While the whole evil presence thing has been done hundreds of times before, the way that this film executes its own brand of deadly entities is something I haven't seen before and once it all came together, it turned out freaking awesome. I thought it was totally different than a lot of the other stuff I've seen in recent years, and the whole utilizing a computer meme to connect with the next victim thing was totally entertaining. The build-up in the first half of the film is pretty comedic (and actually funny) and lighthearted - well, besides the brutal deaths of course! It's a lot of jokes and funny characters and silliness that definitely tones itself down once the climax of the film hits which fucking rules. The entities and their backstories are absolutely horrific and terrifying, and once the film really delves into them, they will leave you uncomfortable and even sad. They - the Halloween Party and friends - make for great antagonists and amazing haunters, and Grace and Spencer make their discovery and battle worth the watch - especially if you're into some pretty over-the-top twists! The payoff to the film is well worth the ride and totally justifies the time and money spent on the movie; the ending really ramps up the excitement and ends the film on a stunning note. While the movie may not be breaking any new ground in the genre, Halloween Party is pure entertainment from the very beginning until the very end, and it's all based around one simple question: but what are you really afraid of? Don't waste any time - check this one out this weekend!


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