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Bad Candy

It feels like every year, right around this time as Halloween creeps more and more near, a new horror anthology film pops up ready to share some spooky stories to keep us up at night. This year's much anticipated BAD CANDY finally hit on demand services last week which features Slipknot's Corey Taylor along with Zach Galligan as radio hosts who tell some local Halloween myths on their show. These local myths play out for the audience as horror short stories, and deal with everything from morticians having sex with their work to a creepy old neighbor who puts razor blades in candy. There's numerous stories that play out over the films hour and forty minute runtime, many of which sneakily lead right into the next which is done fantastically well, but also comes with the downside where some of the stories never feel like they actually finished, they just kinda go away. If the shorts are taken at face value and watched as an "as they are" kind of thing, I feel like audiences will respond a bit better to some of the stories abrupt endings, but I can definitely see why the sudden endings could be a turnoff for many viewers. People like seeing a story come full circle, and have a definitive ending, not just an abrupt appearance of a clown (which never gets elaborated on) and then onto the next one. That being said, these stories were pretty fucking awesome - I can't even deny that. Out of the pumpkin pail full of horror shorts that Bad Candy contains, I honestly think there's probably only one or two that I wasn't a big fan of - and that's not even saying that they were bad, they just didn't feel like they fit in with the rest of the Halloween chillers that surrounded them. When you're doing a horror anthology like this one - especially one that is themed for Halloween along the likes of Trick 'r Treat - it feels so good having stories that feel like they really tie-in to the Halloween season, from both the aesthetic and the story. Bad Candy mostly feels like it has it all done right - except for that one or two that just feel out of place - and so as viewers are watching along, you're absolutely still feel sucked into the Halloween radio show mood that the film clearly is trying to set up, and it works really well!

One of the biggest shocks about Bad Candy was how gory it is! I love that directors Scott B. Hansen and Desiree Connell did not hold back at all when it comes to blood, blood, blood! There is definitely no shortage of the stuff but it's also not thrown about in every short story; the blood makes its gnarly appearance when needed and makes each scene so epic. The film really doesn't hold back in general, honestly, I mean there's a mortician dressed up in a sexy nurses outfit riding a deceased guy on the table who wakes up and chases her around - so like I said, Bad Candy doesn't hold back! The only really issue with the film, like I mentioned before, was that it feels like some of the stories just never got the proper ending I was hoping for; viewers just kinda get scooted into the next story or back to the radio headquarters where the hosts would banter or take phone calls from the audience. Regardless of this, Bad Candy has some fucking awesome little tales of New Salem's Halloween's past and they honestly are all pretty wicked. There is a lot of content to unpack in less than two hours, and the film does a great job working its way through all of it in a timely fashion. There is no doubt that the film was put together really well and cleverly crafted, and with shorts that really do tell some great stories (even if the endings are lacking), it's hard to brush the film as a whole under the rug. If you find yourself bored on an October night with nothing to watch and no haunted houses to visit, Bad Candy is far from the worst movie you could be spending your money on. Is it worth the $7 we paid to watch it? Eh, the price is a little bit high but for a film that has plenty of Halloween aesthetic with plenty of jackolanterns and blood, it hardly feels like a waste of money. Check this one out!


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