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Death Cast

"Never trust a trailer" is a saying that I always hear in my head when I get super hyped about a movie, solely based off of what is shown in the trailer - and not once have I ever actually listened to it. Consuming horror movies is always a risk, because there's so many different genres and styles and whatever, but your chances of getting burned on a movie are always there - and this week's burn was DEATH CAST, the newly released found footage style film from writer and director Bobby Marinelli. Going down our list of flicks to check out this week, Death Cast's trailer caught my eye as being a fun, tongue in cheek movie that is so silly it's good. And it has its moments - don't get me wrong - but halfway through the film's hour and fifteen minute runtime, I was ready to cut my losses on the flick, to be honest. Unfortunately those few good moments (which I'll admit are the kills) are overshadowed by overly annoying characters, a story that feels like it just stagnates and goes no where, and an ending that felt like it dragged on for eternity. Death Cast's premise sounds like it has potential to be a killer good time, but unfortunately for me, the film just falls short of being entertaining, memorable, or worth your money.

Death Cast follows six aspiring actors who audition for and agree to an acting gig that is a tad... unusual. The actors are starring in a new horror film that is going to be filmed remotely by the director, so the "set" (a slick cabin out in the woods) is rigged with cameras and drones will be flying around the set filming the actors as they play out the story. One little tidbit they weren't expecting is that the deaths in the script are real, and one by one, the group of fame hungry actors begin to get picked off in various ways by a group of anonymous killers who's faces are blurred to protect their identities, since they're "hired help" as well. Who of the six will survive the shooting of Death Cast, and who will fall victim to the faceless, nameless slashers... all on video?! Find out in... DEATH CAST!

Sounds pretty cool, right? After sitting through the obnoxious behind-the-scenes footage of the group of actors preparing for their day of shooting out in the woods (which is dreadful because they're all just so overly annoying), the group are driven out to the set of the film which is out in the middle of no where, and they're told to walk up the path to the house and to just begin acting out the script. What follows is a drawn out and honestly just boring cat and mouse chase through the woods that I just couldn't seem to find any redeeming quality in, besides a few of the pretty brutal slayings that take place during the hunt. Because of the overly annoying personalities of all six of the actors, I found I honestly couldn't care less if they all got killed off right away - something I don't usually find myself thinking. Usually I could find at least one or two that I find myself rooting for but nope, not this time - kill 'em all! And like I said, the ones that do die, die some pretty gruesome and bloody ways - so for that, I must give a few points to the film. But besides that, the film was just a bust for me and it sucks because I really thought I was going to geek out over the flick, but it instead felt like a cheesy fan film my friends and I would have made in our high school video class way back when, lame awkward dance number included. The whole concept of the director being a complete mystery, filming from an undisclosed location remotely using installed cameras and drones was a cool concept, but didn't really add anything extra to the film besides the actors lunging sticks at the drones to strike them down. So besides the cute girls, the handful of body bags and a clever idea, unfortunately Death Cast is going to be a hard pass from me if you're spending any money on it. However, if you're the type of person to loves to work or whatever with something on in the background - something you can kinda tune in and out of without really missing anything if you look away for a while - Death Cast might be something for you to consider if it ever makes its way to a streaming service you're subscribed to. You'll get a kick out of the kills and the babes, but will leave the feature feeling unsatisfied if you're hoping for a new favorite slasher flick.


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