Fear Street Part One: 1994

There's a likely chance that if you are reading this right now, you're a horror fanatic like myself and that means you are no stranger to the name R.L. Stine - author of a handful of series but most notably the Goosebumps and Fear Street series. And if you've been following along closely, you'd remember that a Fear Street film rumor went around years ago! Then it was announced that not only would it be a film, but a film trilogy based on the books by the child's horror author - and just this weekend, the first of the three films has finally hit streaming giant Netflix for fans to devour along with their burgers and hot dogs this holiday weekend. The FEAR STREET series of films will be released over the next two weeks, with part two coming this friday and part three coming next friday. But before we get ahead of ourselves, we finally got to see the first of the Fear Street movies coming to life this weekend and let me assure you of one thing: this is an old fashioned, blood-filled slasher all of us who grew up on the Goosebumps series will fucking LOVE. It's got everything you could want from retro throwbacks (think AOL and cassette players) and cute killer psychos to mystery slashers and plenty of blood blood blood!! The three films are directed by Leigh Janiak and really do have a kind of 90s slasher feel to it with a modern day twist, with roads that wind throughout the films hour and forty seven minute runtime. That's one thing critics of the film will have to agree about: there are plenty of twists in the story that will make you go "oh shit" at least once, as the characters in the story uncover more and more secrets of their town. But before we get too ahead of ourselves...

Fear Street Part One: 1994 - in short - follows a group of friends who are being chased, stalked, and hunted by a group of killers who once slaughtered in their town years and years ago. As the group of friends puts together the pieces of their towns fucked up history, they begin to uncover secrets about their town and the real reason behind the consistent murders that plague their town of Shadyside, Ohio. Once it is discovered that the reason the group of teenagers are being hunted is because one of them disturbed the bones of an ancient witch named Sarah Fier, who can essentially command killers of the towns past to come back from the dead to hunt down the teenagers for her in an attempt to get to the one particular girl who physically disturbed the ancient witches burial ground. It is up to the group of teens to piece together their towns history and figure out how to stop this undead army from killing more of their friends before they've all been hunted to death. The group will do whatever it takes - whatever it takes - to silene the witch and end the hunt. But who's to say when it actually ends?! Find out in... FEAR STREET PART ONE: 1994!

Right from the get-go, the movie throws its first brutal slashing at you and with it, the films first little mind fuck. This kill is the one that sort of kicks off the main storyline for the group of teens, as it leads to a snowball of events that end in one of the girls disturbing the bones of the ancient witch, who is now dead set on spilling the girls blood. Which, ya know, might not be as bad if the teens were just trying to fend off one evil chick - but like I mentioned before, she summons the help of the towns past evil killers to do her bidding. So now the teens have to figure out how to stop not one, but multiple undead killers in this horror story. And let me tell you.... there is no shortage of blood or brutal killings in this flick. Sure, the first hour or so has some pretty bloody scenes and good kills, but just fucking wait til the films story begins to tie together and all of the work the teens do throughout the movie come to fruition. Shit hits the fan pretty quickly and the film takes a pretty deeply dark turn, and the kills are just fun fun fun! I really dug the film up until that point, but really found myself invested as things began to tie together, pieces of the puzzle began to make sense, and the kills became over-the-top bloody and killer fun.

The storyline to the film is really well written and thought out, just long. Not that an hour and forty five minutes is crazy long for a film, but it definitely feels like certain things may have been able to been cut of shortened, but if that's the biggest complaint about the movie, that's a fucking great complaint to have. I genuinely had a good time watching the plot unfold and the teens get hunted down, and believe it or not, the characters were actually all pretty well received. We talk about this every so often here at Soulless Cult, but a lot of times, movies like this one have groups of characters that aren't just not memorable, but boring and sometimes kill-worthy. Honestly, though, Film Street Part One has a pretty interesting set of characters who all have their special roles in the storyline, and the casting of the characters were all pretty great. I genuinely enjoyed watching them work together to try and solve the fucked up puzzle they are in, and nobody was overly annoying (which happens a lot in movies like this). Overall though, the production of the film is absolutely spot on and a great way to tell its twisted tale. I think hardcore horror fans will enjoy it just as much as casual horror fans, because it's just an honestly good story. If you grew up on the Goosebumps stories and want a story that twists and turns just like those classic books, don't hesitate to spend two hours with the first of three entries in this series and be sure to check out Part Two, coming this Friday, July 9th!