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Five Years of Soulless

January 1st, 2017 - Soulless Cult open its doors and this online projection of death came to life. I honestly would've never guessed that five years later, this project would be alive and thriving the way it is today, but here we are to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the love of my life, Soulless Cult. When the site first went live, we honestly had no idea what we were doing, what we were about or where we were going with this - and to be honest, we still don't - but it's been nothing but fun watching this website change and grow over the years into its current iteration. We started off covering death-based topics, serial killers, metal and movies to where we are today, covering horror movies on the website and plenty of death metal on our Instagram. Soulless has narrowed our focus to one of my main loves - horror movies - and the response and support over the last five years has been something I'll never underappreciate. This project has taken me to sick places, check out some amazing media and my favorite part, meet some amazing fucking people who have made all of the hours and money spent on Soulless Cult worth it. None of this would be relevant if it wasn't for the undying support of our friends we've made over the last five years.

With the new year upon us as well as our anniversary, we felt it was time to refresh our look and bring a new face to our "brand," and with that, we're fucking stoked to announce the unveiling of our new logo: the doombat! Our skull logo has served us amazingly well over the years, and will still remain a vital part of both Soulless Cult's past and present, but with the focus of our site changing so heavily towards horror over the last few years, we felt it was just time to bring a new terror to the cult. The doombat is here to haunt your fucking home... and we have some sick merchandise on the way I think you guys are going to really dig.

As always, I just want to extend the most sincere thank you that I possibly can through the internet to al of our supporters, friends, fans, and customers. You guys have made the last five years so much fucking fun, and without your interactions with us, this wouldn't be alive and kicking the way it is today. I'm excited to see where the next five years takes Soulless Cult, but I know one thing is for certain: we're here to WITNESS ALL OF THE HORROR! Thank you guys again.

- Bobby Cvlt

Soulless Cult


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