Halloween Kills

It was the night that he came home, so you don't go out alone when it's dark in Haddonfield! Michael finally came home this past weekend - originally set to be released in October of 2020, HALLOWEEN KILLS got delayed an entire year due to the worldwide pandemic. But this Halloween, The Shape came to haunt both the big screen and household televisions and - of course - we simply could not fucking wait to see what the masked slasher had up his sleeve this time. If you've somehow been living under a rock the last few years, Halloween Kills is the second of three Halloween movies set to be released, and Kills is a direct sequel to the 2018 film - and this movie picks up literally right where the 2018 movie leaves off; it doesn't skip a single fucking beat. Director David Gordon Green got this movie to look, feel, and act identical to the first film, which is so, so important to movie goers; and he absolutely killed it. The thrills and kills we've come to love from Michael are all jam packed into the new movie and as far as I'm concerned, Halloween Kill is sick. It's got creative kills and some of the franchises most disturbing and bloody deaths. One thing that is undeniable is that the film doesn't exactly push the storyline too far - really, it's just enough to kinda leave you begging for more - but after having some time to think about it... was the movie supposed to? Or was Halloween Kills supposed to be just that... kills? Because kills is absolutely has no shortage of; but part of me wonders if the movie was meant to just be a good, ol' fashioned murderfest slasher, not really concerning its self too much with moving the Halloween plot, possibly saving the more story driven script for next year's Halloween Ends? All I know is Halloween Kills is a bloody fucking good time, and if that's what you want, there's no doubt that that's what you're going to get! (Reader's beware: this review contains spoilers so please proceed with caution!)

Halloween Kills picks up right where Halloween left off, and as Laurie and her daughter and granddaughter are driving away from the burning trap they set for Michael to finally kill him and let Haddonfield sleep in peace, firefighters are speeding towards the scene to prevent the spread of the flames to their neighboring properties. As the women are rushing to the hospital to tend to Laurie's wounds she scored from Michael in the previous film, the firefighters rush into the fire only to learn that there's a survivor amidst the flames: Michael fucking Myers! After slaughtering all of the firefighters on the scene, The Shape makes his way across Haddonfield towards the old Myers house, not just killing but slaughtering everybody in his way. The townsfolk decide it is time for them to finally stand up and unite to take down Michael once and for all, so that the reign of terror he has on the town will finally be put to rest. Will the towns people be able to finally stop the madman on the loose so Haddonfield can move past their wicked history? Or will it be up to Laurie and her family to stop the Boogeyman in his tracks? Will there be any survivors left in Haddonfield when Michael is done with them?! Find out in... HALLOWEEN KILLS!

Overall, I absolutely adored the movie - honestly. The same way 2018's Halloween captivated me the first time I saw it, this movie absolutely grabbed me and held on 'til the very end. I've always loved this franchise and these two films have done a stellar job at bringing that classic slasher into the present year pretty much flawlessly. The look and feel of these movies are just so, so good and the easter eggs and flashbacks to the original movies are so classy in the way they're done. I honestly think if you're looking for an October movie to really set the tone for the Halloween season, Halloween did an unbelievable job three years ago and Halloween Kills did a killer job this year. Truthfully, the main thing that I would have liked to see done a little different was the progression of the story a little more, since the overall Myers storyline doesn't really move much. The plot of the townsfolk coming together to form a mob determined to kill off Michael was a great story - don't me wrong - and it absolutely unfolds perfectly (and bloodily) and comes to a great end. But not too much is revealed in terms of Michael as a character - besides his fucking face?! That was honestly probably the biggest turn off for me in Halloween Kills; when the mask is pulled off Michael's face, James Jude Courtney's face is shown for just a bit too long for my liking; I've always liked the mystery when it comes to the man behind the mask. And even though this isn't the first time Myers has been unmasked, I would've prefer that his face reveal be just an extremely brief display. The mask being off for more than a quick second kinda takes away from the mystique and supernatural persona we have built up around this character literally for 43 years. A small complaint for such a big, successful movie - so if that's the worst part about it, in my opinion, they obviously did something right! The only other (non-serious) complaint I have is towards the end when Michael has the cops head in-between the posts on the stairs, he's bashing the dudes head from side to side and open and down... then he takes a few steps down and snaps the guys neck... that head needed to come off the fucking body!! I was waiting so eagerly for Michael to just easily tear the fucking head right off the guy and let it roll down the stairs, maybe landing at Laurie's granddaughters feet or something; that would've made for such an epic scene!!

These petty little complaints aside... Halloween Kills did what I expected it to do: kill. I don't watch these movies for Oscar-award winning storylines; I watch them to see psycho madman slashers build a wicked body count with ridiculous kills. And with Michael Myers arguably being the most popular of the horror genre, audiences expect to see plenty of death and plenty of blood when it comes to Halloween franchise films. Halloween Kills more than delivers on those fronts. I'm expecting Halloween Ends to be a little more story-driven and put an actual close to the storyline, maybe with less of a focus on body count. Either way, after finally seeing Kills I am always impatiently waiting for next fall to see the final chapter in the new Myers saga. Don't hesitate to watch this if you haven't already... it's the perfect film for Halloween next week!