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Jakob's Wife

How far are you willing to go for your spouse?! While you may be madly in love, many would struggle to help support their loved one navigate the gruesome and bloody intricacies of being a bloodthirsty VAMPIRE! Writers Kathy Charles, Mark Steensland and Travis Stevens put together an absolutely awesome good time in their new film JAKOB'S WIFE which pretty much deals with just that; audiences quickly find out that turning is both a blessing and a curse. Stevens actually directed the film as well, which I was pretty stoked about since I was a big fan of his 2019 film Girl on the Third Floor. While that's pretty awesome, the real attraction to this film comes in the form of the main character Anne - played by the legendary horror beauty Barbara Crampton! Crampton, along with the rest of the cast in the film absolutely slay their roles in this sometimes serious, sometimes outrageous horror comedy that's not really a horror comedy. For the first hour or so, the film has a very serious tone to it; but once you hit that hour mark, the gloves are off and the hilarious back and forth between characters really comes to life as Crampton's character is on the hunt for her vampire Master. I think the film is an amazing addition to the vampire genre of horror films, offering some truly blood-filled scenes and kills. Jakob's Wife is quickly on its way to becoming a fan favorite this year, and for good reason: it's a bloody good fucking time!!

Anne and her Minister husband Jakob (played by Larry Fessenden) have been married for thirty years, and she's beginning to feel completely drained, bored, and unenthused about her life's choices. She's submissive to her husbands every want and need - attempting to be a good minister's wife - but she feels she's sacrificed her own happiness and wants for him. After heading down to the local abandoned mill with an old love interest, she gets bitten by a vampire and suddenly - like that - her life feels like it has been renewed. She's got a new sense of purpose, a new level of energy and her subdued wild side is finally free. The only downside to her new lifestyle: the thirst, the hunger... for blood! After failed attempts at feeding on animal blood, she finally comes to terms with the fact that she needs the blood of a human, and with that comes a quickly rising body count. Will Anne be able to take control of her new life, hunt down the Master and put an end to her hunger? Or will the thirst for human blood overpower her strength and willpower, causing her to lose her husband in the process? Find out in... JAKOB'S WIFE!

You know those rare occasions when you watch a film and everything was so strategically placed and shown for a purpose, and you feel so satisfied because it all came together so well? Jakob's Wife does a phenomenal job at doing just that; everything from the flow of the film to the progression of events and the reasons for why certain things happen are all just done so well. The writers made it very easy for audiences to understand what was happening, why certain things were happening and the results of those things. The film was excellently written and executed; and going back to what I mentioned before, I love the fact that the film starts off so serious feeling, and then out of nowhere just becomes this outrageous blood-soaked funny film that keeps you rooting for the couple to prevail. Casting Larry Fessenden was an absolutely killer choice, because he's got the look to match the character as well as the personality to match the vampire hunter he doesn't really want to become. I think audiences will have an easy time putting themselves in his shoes and realizing how fucked the whole situation is, and the playfulness (I wouldn't really say jokes) that comes with it is just awesome. As fantastic as a performance that Fessenden gives, the show is stolen by the gorgeous Crampton who does an immaculate job at first portraying a dull, empty shell of a woman before becoming this energized, playful, devious, sexual vampire that is just so unlike her. If you don't fall in love with both the character and the actress, you're lost your mind. Both are nothing short of amazing in this film.

Honestly, I spent an entire day reflecting on this film trying to figure out the pros and cons of it; I knew I enjoyed the film as the credits began to roll, but it wasn't until much later in the day that it all really began to settle in. The film has a purpose, a message, a lesson - and while I won't go into it here (there's other blogs about it I'm sure) because it's something you're better off experiencing than just reading, the message is loud, clear, and possibly never more important than the times we're living in today. Jakob's Wife is horror with a purpose, and it does it without shoving it down your fucking throat the entire film. Sure, I love a good gorefest film with senseless flesh eating zombies, but films like this one are a gem to come across every once in a while because it subtly tells us something we all know, but don't actively think about it. If you don't really care for vampire movies, consider checking out the film even if it's just for the takeaway. I honestly think that's enough of a reason to throw down the couple of bucks and rent the movie; plus, you get some wicked vampire scenes too! And while we're on the subject of vampires, let me just say this about the special effects: fucking sick. From the blood-draining vampires to the Master, the effects in the film are astounding and only add to the fun of the film!!

The only thing about the movie that I can see people putting it down for lies in the plot. The film feels very reminiscent of the Netflix series Santa Clarita Diet, where Drew Barrymore's character becomes a functional zombie and must feed on humans to satisfy her hunger. And just like in Jakob's Wife, Barrymore's husband stands by her side and helps with the harvesting of flesh to keep his wife fed. Of course, the film and the series both tell different stories that go in different directions, but I can see how some audiences might be quick to compare the two and talk some trash. Regardless, Jakob's Wife is a dreadfully fun watch and I'm glad I own it now, because I will no doubt be going back for seconds! Check it out!


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