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Not Alone

My mother always taught me - as many others have as well - that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. So when the father of the family in NOT ALONE makes a comment about why the mansion they were buying was so deeply discounted, he probably should have listened to his instincts before throwing down the money for the property. Because what him and his family experience in the month that follows the closing on the house is straight out of a horror movie! This new to streaming film was both written and directed by Lydelle Jackson and Cezil Reed and tells the story of what happens after the family purchase this incredible property, and the haunting experiences that begin to plague this family of four. After checking out the trailer, I knew this was a movie I had to check out because it seemed like it was right up my alley in terms of a good ol' haunted house horror. But what follows after the title sequence in the movie isn't at all what I was expecting; and while it wasn't anything awful, it wasn't anything great either. It's a little hard to put to words but it feels like the second half of the movie, things are just kinda all over the place. To be fair, the twists in the film are definitely not what you think would happen, that's for sure; thing get a little bit rocky in the second half but the big haunter reveal definitely isn't what was expected, so that was cool. But unfortunately, Not Alone simply just doesn't build to anything that's really out of this world or to really warrant a re-watch or suggestion, to be honest. There's some creativity to the film, but those few things are overshadowed by typical scenes that just didn't really wow me much. But that's not to say the film sucks, cause that is definitely too harsh; if the movie was on Netflix I'd say throw it on in the background while you're building a lego or whatever, I just cannot honestly suggest you pay the $5 I did to rent it, that's all. (Reader's beware: this review contains spoilers! Proceed with caution!)

So long story short, a family of four buy a mansion that is deeply discounted. After checking the place out, they find signs of witchcraft throughout and are a little freaked out, but not enough to miss out on such a bargain. After the deal is finalized and they move, strange occurrences begin around the property, such as the bizarre poor signals only on their property, the pool boy almost drowning and weird video footage of it, and - oh yeah - the daughter pretty much becoming a rotting corpse in front of them. The daughter is taken to the hospital and put into quarantine while doctors figure out why she's like, rotting or whatever it is that's happening, and while she's there the rest of the family are trying to get in contact with the real estate agent to find out what is up with the property. But in the meantime, the parents meet a man online who claims to know all about the entity living inside the house and can help trap and stop it. So he travels up to the house and sets up his equipment before revealing that their house is not haunted by a ghost or apparition, oh no, it's haunted by an alien, or as he puts it, an "IDB" or interdimensional being. He says the alien is living off the water supply provided by the house and has claimed the property as it's own. Will the family be able to rid their house of the interdimensional being, or will they be forced to move out of their new home?! Find out in... NOT ALONE!

The movie feels pretty promising early on, and it feels like the film was heading in an entertaining direction until it just sorta... didn't anymore. It's hard to pin point (because like I said, the most isn't awful it's just not anything to write home about) but by the time the big alien reveal comes, I felt like I was already mentally checked out of the film because everything just felt bland. And it's really not one thing that was bleh, it was really just a cumulation of bland, and when the alien finally comes on screen and it looks the way it does, it just didn't even really matter anymore, I was over it. Maybe it was because the build up felt like it took forever? I'm not entirely sure, but the ending unfortunately just didn't really do anything for me or feel warranted for the amount of time that audiences would have to put in to see the alien. Nothing about the film stood out or made me think "that was awesome" - but at the same time, I didn't think anything was shitty either, just dull. Like I said, this film would be good for something to play in the background while you're playing a game or whatever, but I feel like audiences will be disappointed for spending five bucks on it. I can absolutely see where this film was going and what was intended, but in the end, it unfortunately just felt like it fell short of what it was aiming for. And for all of the buildup towards the main entity in the film and finally getting the reveal at the end, the design and look of the alien that's been "haunting" the house is super disappointing and boring. I was at least hoping for a cool looking alien that would have made it all worth it but it was a big disappointment in terms of a sick looking interdimensional being! So unfortunately for this one, give it a shot if it's on Netflix, but don't spend your money on it.


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