Ouija Craft

Just in time for Halloween comes a brand new indie film cleverly titled Ouija Craft that combines elements of The Craft and any of the dozens of Ouija films out there. We've taken a look at quite a few mash-up style movies over the last few years and they always seem to be totally hit or miss, but this new project by writer and director Aaron Mirtes honestly has to be one of the better (if not the best) ones we've seen; while it may take its inspiration from other films, Ouija Craft is entirely its own entity and a beast of creativity. It blends horror and fantasy equally well and will seriously shock you with the amount of amazing special effects and even twists you may not see coming. It took me no time at all after seeing the trailer to add this to my watchlist, and having just finished it, I have zero regret in both the time put into it or the money spent; Ouija Craft is a sick ride into the lives of three young witches that will take you to some pretty wicked depths filled with chaos and deceit. There's no doubt that there's horror elitists out there who will take one look at the trailer and blow it off as another knock off film but trust me on this one, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how twisted and shocking this tale is - and that's not even mentioning the fantastic storytelling that went into this. If you love The Craft and the Ouija films, you'll love Ouija Craft not because it's a ripoff, but because it contains the same type of elements you likely love about the other movies; and it makes for one hell of an October movie night!

Like I mentioned, Ouija Craft follows the story of three beautiful young witches - Abby, Rory and Jess - as they work together to hone their witchcraft skills and test out potion-making and spellwork. That is, until one of the potions Abby (Allison Shrum) crafts backfires and ends up killing her in an absolutely tragic and brutal way infront of her friends. Obviously devastated by the loss of their friend, Jess (Ivy Rhodes) convinces Rory (Lacy Hartselle) and Abby's mourning boyfriend Sam (Taylor Novak) to take a Ouija board found in Abby's closet to her gravesite, in an attempt to conjure up her spirit and find some closure in her death. What follows is far from closure, as the board brings Abby back from the dead but she's not herself; she's a sinister, death-driven evil witch who seemingly lost all sense of being human and is out for her own selfish, evil desires. Can Jess and Rory escape the forbidding clutches of their resurrected friend, or will they succumb to her overwhelming powers? Find out in... OUIJA CRAFT!

The story to this movie pretty much captured me in the first ten or fifteen minutes; films with element of witchcraft and covens have always appealed to me and make for a great basis for storytelling, and Ouija Craft is no different. What did surprise me, however, was Abby's absolutely brutal death scene - it's the first of many surprisingly bloody scenes in the movie that you definitely wouldn't have seen coming. The special effect work in this movie honestly kinda blew my mind by the time the credits rolled; I wasn't expecting some of the shocking scenes you'll find in the movie, such as arms and hands coming out of a chick's mouth that looks seriously sick. And they even destroyed an entire car for the movie, so that was pretty cool too, not gonna lie. But all of that aside, I think the main thing a lot of viewers will be gravitating to this film for would be the witchcraft element to it, of which the film has no shortage. There is plenty of awesome witchy scenes, such as levitating and invisibility, and without giving too much away, a pretty epic final battle between witches that not only looks gorgeous but is really well done! So if witchcraft is your thing and the trailer for The Craft: Legacy turned you off with its pixie dust, make up for that frustration with a Saturday night viewing of Ouija Craft!

The four main characters you interact with in the film - Abby, Jess, Rory and Sam - all have some incredibly talented actors behind them that is definitely a part of the reason the film works really well. All four of them do a fantastic job with their performances and storytelling, but even though her character may not be the "main" focus of the film, Lacy Hartselle's performance as Rory was exceptionally well. You'll find this erriely real sense of emotion in almost every scene she's in - and I found it mostly in her voice, to be quite honest. She captures her emotion flawlessly numerous times in the movie, and it definitely shows. Seriously though, all four will surprise you with how good their portrayals are and when it comes to looks, Allison Shrum's Abby when she's been conjured up looks evil as fuck and I love it. There's one scene in particular where she's with Sam and her intensity and unholy side shows and it's sick. Another thing that has to be mentioned - even just briefly - is the amazing score to the movie that I caught on to without even looking for it. Normally with movies like this, I honestly don't even pay much attention to the score and its relation to the scenes (we're not really one of those types of review sites) but I absolutely caught on with this movie and there's a scene towards the end with this perfectly fitting background score that I just couldn't ignore - so kudos to whoever was responsible for making that call.

Ouija Craft shocked me with how sinister it got and the lengths the film goes to deliver an awesome Halloween-time story. The movie feels far from cheesy or cheap, and the talent from all ends of the filmmaking process for it more than delivered. I think it's totally worth the time and money invested into it, and it would definitely make for a great October date-night. I actually enjoyed it so much that I noticed writer/director Aaron Mirtes has some previous horror flicks under his belt and I fully intend to check them out after seeing his fantastic work on this project. If you somehow couldn't already tell, this ones gonna be a definite recommendation - check it out!